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How 'a step back' should help Trevor Siemian's future

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —Forget dropbacks. Right now, Trevor Siemian's best bet is a step back.

Head Coach Vance Joseph told the third-year quarterback as much Tuesday night when he met with him to explain his decision to proceed into Sunday's game with Brock Osweiler as the starter.

"It's best for Trevor because he's a young quarterback," Joseph said Wednesday. "His career is not over by this. Lots of young quarterbacks have to take a step back to just watch the game and figure out how to play the game better. All of the good quarterbacks are game managers. That's a negative term in football, but it shouldn't be because to be a quarterback, you have to manage the football game.

"That part, he's been struggling with. In my opinion, for his best interest, he needs to take a step back to watch Brock operate in meetings and on game day. It's going to help his future."

Siemian, who said he understood Joseph's decision, seemed to recognize the positives he could gain from even an unwanted switch.

Through seven games, Siemian said, he hasn't been able to meet his own expectations for how he hopes to play. He hopes spending time as the reserve quarterback can help him reset his game and return to what worked in Week 1 and Week 2.

"I've got to support Brock and do whatever I can for these guys and be as good a teammate as I can be," Siemian said. "Not much changes on that end. But yeah, I just take a step back, take a breather and kind of evaluate some things."

Should Joseph call on Siemian, who owns a 11-10 career record as a starter, he will be ready to play. He still feels good, he said, he just needs to reduce the couple of mistakes that have plagued him in recent losses.

Those mistakes, at least in Kansas City, came from Siemian pressing to make plays. And, more often than not, Siemian has seen his mistakes add up when he's off script and out of rhytym.

"Just the one thing is, a lot of the mistakes I've made have been off schedule and when I've gotten out of the pocket," Siemian said. "So that's something I'll learn from and hopefully clean up."

Ahead of Sunday's game against Philadelphia, though, Siemian's main focus will rest on helping Osweiler prepare for the start.

Siemian said he would do "whatever [Brock] needs from me," and that their friendly relationship has helped soften an otherwise awkward situation.

In the few hours since Joseph's announcement to his quarterbacks and his team, Osweiler has seen Siemian lend his support.

"I don't think really anything changes," Osweiler said. "It's funny how this league works. In 2015, Trevor backed me up for a while, and he was so supportive and he was always there for me and he was an extra set of eyes on the sideline during games. Now I come here in 2017, and I'm his backup.

"And I did the same thing from Day 1. When I got here, I texted Trevor, and I said right away, 'Hey, Trev, this is your team. You earned it. This is your squad. I'm here to do whatever you need me to do to help you win games on Sunday.' And that's how it's been.

"And now the roles have just flipped for a week, and nothing changes with Trevor and I. Our lockers are right next to each other, we went about business as usual. You know, we're talking about news in the world and the World Series and this and that, and we're just there to support each other, good, bad or indifferent."

The Broncos' preparation for the Eagles is underway. (Photos by Gabriel Christus unless noted)

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