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Garett Bolles discusses 'humbling' first Father's Day

Garett Bolles is the Broncos' first-round draft pick, but his son, Kingston, stole the show. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

The Broncos will celebrate Father's Day in a variety of ways, but one new addition to the team is just months removed from a new addition to his team. caught up with Garett Bolles, who will celebrate Sunday with his son, Kingston.* *

*Of course, many of the lessons Bolles shares with his son will be ones he takes from Greg Freeman, whom Bolles lived with following a rough stretch in his life. As a son and a father, Bolles shares his perspective.


Aric DiLalla:* This is your first Father's Day with Kingston. What are you looking forward to?*


Garett Bolles: **Just hanging out with family. Probably going to go to brunch and church and just enjoy my day. It's a great opportunity. I love my son dearly, so this is a special time I get to share with my family. Father's Day comes once a year, and when you become a father, it sort of hits you, knowing that you are one. It's just an awesome opportunity.

AD: Is it a little bit weird to celebrate it for the first time?

GB: Oh, absolutely. Just like my wife said when she celebrated Mother's Day for the first time. She said it was weird, but it's good. It's something you've got to get used to. But being a father and a husband, it's awesome. It's a very humbling experience.

AD: What lessons have you taken from Greg that you're going to try to apply as a father?

GB:  Just teach my kid how to work hard. That's what Greg showed me: to work hard and to never give up. And, you know, just be a person that your son can look up to every single day. When your son needs you, be there. When your son calls you, answer the phone.

That's what a father is. You've got to be there for your kid regardless. This world's too crazy not to be. Your kid can get down a deep path and may need you the most, and that's when you've got to love him the most and hug him and teach him the ropes.

That's what I plan on doing with my son, is just giving him the life that I never had and hope that he learns from my mistakes and becomes a better man than I am.

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