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Five Key Moments: Chiefs 30, Broncos 27 (OT)

1. Back at the top of the list

When the Chiefs got the ball back with 1:47 left in the second quarter, they looked to grab more points before time expired. Von Miller made sure that wouldn't happen. On first-and-10 from the Kansas City 25, Miller broke around the edge and contorted his body to grab Smith and pull him down. After a 2-yard run by Charcandrick West, Miller provided a repeat performance. Miller got Smith again — this time with Derek Wolfe's help — to push his season sack total to 11.5. He would add another later in the game to get to 12.5 and take back the NFL lead.

2. Spinning Siemian sends spiral for six

With 9:01 to go in the third quarter, Head Coach Gary Kubiak decided to take a chance. Siemian had just connected with A.J. Derby for 12 yards, but the Broncos faced a fourth-and-1 at the Kansas City 9-yard line. Kubiak chose to go for it, and Siemian rewarded him by getting a first down by about the same margin that Ohio State earned one against Michigan the previous day. But Siemian's finest moment of the evening — and perhaps the season — came on the ensuing third down. On third-and-goal from the 6-yard line, Siemian rolled to his left, avoided the pass rush, ran all way back across the field to his right and fired a dart to Jordan Taylor. The play took 9.53 seconds from the snap to when Siemian released the ball and gave Denver its first lead of the evening.

3. Sanders shows out

The night wasn't always easy for the Broncos offense, but Siemian and Co. found ways to make plays when it mattered. The Broncos got the ball back at their own 12-yard line with 8:46 remaining in the game and needed a touchdown to take the lead.

On second-and-9, Siemian unleashed a near-perfect deep ball to Emmanuel Sanders, who took hauled the ball in along the left sideline after a double move and sprinted 64 yards to the Kansas City 23-yard line. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Kubiak would move the ball back to the Chiefs 38, but Siemian and Sanders made sure the questionable call wouldn't matter. Two plays later, Siemian again found Sanders wide open down the left side, where No. 10 hauled in the deep ball for a touchdown. With 7:53 remaining, the Broncos took a much-needed 17-16 lead.

4. Fowler extends Broncos lead

Siemian again showed tremendous toughness as the Broncos tried to run out the clock. On second-and-16 with 3:27 to go, Siemian scrambled and dove head first toward the line to gain. He ended up two yards short, but he had done enough to set up a manageable third down. Then again, Siemian wasn't looking for just the first down. He again looked to the left side, where Bennie Fowler had beaten his defender. Fowler reached back for the ball, then sped off to the end zone. By the time he finished the 76-yard jaunt, he had given the Broncos an eight-point lead of which they would need every bit. The Chiefs would go on a 2:48 drive that spanned 60 yards and ended in a Kansas City touchdown and two-point conversion.

After the Broncos gave up the late touchdown and conversion, a game that seemed over headed into overtime with severe division stakes at hand. The Broncos won the toss and drove down the field on a drive that lasted just over six minutes. They converted a pair of third downs on the drive and a pass interference call brought them down to the Kansas City 20-yard line, but they would get no closer. Tamba Hali sacked Trevor Siemian on third-and-9 and the Broncos settled for a 44-yard Brandon McManus field goal.

Then, the Chiefs answered right back. They put together a long drive of their own, moving 41 yards in 10 plays and 4:32. The Broncos appeared to be in trouble momentarily, but Justin Simmons denied Travis Kelce the ball on third down, and the defense got off the field. With the score tied 27-27, the offense got one more chance.

The offense took over with 4:19 remaining, and a combination of a Siemian scramble and Devontae Booker run got the offense into decent position. The Broncos got closer to a game-winning score when Siemian found Derby on third-and-3 from the Denver 46 for a 10-yard game that moved the ball into Chiefs territory just before the two-minute warning. But the Broncos would get no farther, and McManus came on to kick a 62-yard field goal. He would not connect, and the Chiefs got the ball on the Denver 48-yard line. After a short drive, the Chiefs banked in a 34-yard field goal for the win.

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