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Five Key Moments: Broncos take down Bengals, 29-17

1. Turning the turnover tide

Down 7-3 early, the Broncos were in danger of falling further behind when the Bengals forced them to punt from the 1-yard line. The booming punt landed in Adam Jones' hands at the Cincinnati 46, but linebacker Zaire Anderson forced a fumble. Safety Shiloh Keo recovered to give the Broncos possession in Cincinnati territory.

2. Siemian to Sanders

Set up in a good spot after the fumble recovery, the Broncos capitalized on a scorching touchdown pass to wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Quarterback Trevor Siemian hung in the pocket as Sanders created separation from his defender and the trailing safety. Sanders turned around in the end zone to secure the 41-yard score.

3. Keeping the chains moving

Trailing 14-10, the Broncos had one final shot at the end of the first half to move ahead of the Bengals. They pushed the ball down the Bengals 28-yard line with two minutes to go, but Denver faced a critical third down. That's when Cody Latimer, from nearby Dayton, Ohio, stepped in to make a big play. Trevor Siemian dropped back and threw a low pass to Latimer, who ran a route up the middle of the field right to the first-down marker. The point of the football touched the ground, but the officials ruled that Latimer had possession and the Broncos had a first down in the red zone. Four plays later, Siemian would connect with Emmanuel Sanders to put the Broncos up 16-14. For a team that has struggled inside the 30-yard line, the Latimer catch was a key completion for both confidence and securing much-needed points. -* Aric DiLalla*

4. Ray's back-to-back sacks

The Broncos' halftime lead was put in jeopardy early in the second half when WR Demaryius Thomas fumbled at the Denver 37. The Bengals just needed to avoid negative plays to stay in good shape to take the lead. But Cincinnati fell out of field-goal position in large part due to outside linebacker Shane Ray's two sacks for a loss of 12 yards. Just as quickly as the opportunity appeared for the Bengals, Ray slammed the door shut.

5. Siemian, Thomas put it away

After the Broncos forced a Bengals punt with 6:09 to go in the fourth quarter, Denver simply needed to run the clock down to get out of Cincinnati with a win. Trevor Siemian made sure they did one better than that when he lofted a deep pass to Demaryius Thomas for a 55-yard touchdown. The play helped the Broncos grab a 29-17 lead and essentially assured the team a road victory at Paul Brown Stadium.  -* Aric DiLalla*

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