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Five Broncos make NFL Network's Top 100

Five Broncos players made the NFL Network's Top 100 rankings, all rated by their peers, other NFL players.

NFL Network wrapped up its annual ranking of players based on ratings from their peers on the field. Five Broncos made the cut. Here's what some of their teammates and opponents had to say about how tough they are to play.

No. 95: Emmanuel Sanders


Patrick Chung, Patriots safety**
"Emmanuel Sanders, some of the things he does, it amazes me, man. [...] Emmanuel, he's just … he's good. He can do it all. I mean, he's a deep threat, he's an intermediate threat, a short threat. Yeah, he's definitely top 100. Absolutely."

Ike Taylor, former Steelers cornerback
"'I always thought I was the man. I could have been the man. I should have been the man, but I couldn't stay healthy when I was in Pittsburgh. Give me 16 games when I can stay healthy and watch me work.'

"And that's what he did this year.

"Next year, he's going to be even better. He's got a year under his system with the quarterback, he knows what they're going to do. Man, it's about to be official like a referee with a whistle."

Chimdi Chekwa, Raiders cornerback
"He's a speed guy. He can run, and he runs pretty good routes."

Jarvis Landry, Dolphins wide receiver
"Speed. Speed. Speed, speed, speed."

Aqib Talib
"The toughest opponent that I went against this year was definitely Demaryius and Emmanuel in practice. It's probably was the most work that I got all season, perfect combination."

No. 87: DeMarcus Ware

Von Miller
"DeMarcus, he's at the point in his career where all that stuff [player rankings] really doesn't matter to him. He's more of getting guys ready to go. He's still playing at a high level, you still can't single-block him. If you single-block him you know he's going to get the job done."

Derek Carr, Raiders quarterback
"I just remember DeMarcus throwing his hands up in the air. I couldn't even see my receivers or what was going on behind him. He was pretty much blocking the sun when I tried to throw it around him."


Trent Williams, Redskins tackle**
"DeMarcus Ware is out of the division, thank God."

Joe Staley, 49ers tackle
"The best player I went against this year was DeMarcus Ware. He's a surefire Hall of Famer.

"He embarrassed me a little bit. There was this one play that he did like a fake spin move and it went viral. You guys can show the highlight I guess right now after I said this, cue that. [laughs] For the next three days my Twitter account was kind of blowing up. We can just laugh about out, that's all you can do."

No. 33: Von Miller


Jamaal Charles, Chiefs running back**
"When you're going against Von Miller, you've got to be prepared. You've got to know where he's at on the field because he's a dangerous guy. [...] It's crazy how he'll run over tackles. He'll run over guards and he's not even that big of a guy."

Tavon Austin, Rams wide receiver
"He's a monster. [...] When you turn on the film you see he's everywhere. He lines up in multiple positions."

Jeremy Hill, Bengals running back
"He's a game-wrecker. When you're dealing with teams chipping you week in and week out and game-plan around it and still able to make plays, that's when you know you're a top-100 player.

"We're driving the ball down the field on them and I go to cut back and Von's sitting right there, and he just strips the ball from me like I'm a little baby. I was just in awe. I've never had that happen to me before. Like, 'Wow, this dude just took the ball from me like I was just a little kid.'

"He has the whole Texas swag to him and the cowboy hats, and I love guys who are not scared to show their personality out there on the field and have fun with it because you only get to do this for so long so you might as well live it up."

Derek Carr, Raiders quarterback
"He's really smart, knowing what kind of rush, when to rush, what path to take. I've got to give credit to Von because I'm going to see him for pretty much the rest of my career so I give a lot of credit to Von."

Mychal Rivera, Raiders tight end
"He'll do anything to get to that quarterback. That creates real mismatches with a tight end. He gave me some crazy move, went up and under me and he was gone before I even saw him."

Justin Houston, Chiefs outside linebacker
"We really compete off each other. We're in the same division so it's motivation to actually see who's going to get the most sacks. [...] I also study how he beats his defenders. If he can help me see a weakness against a guy I'm about to go against, I use it.

"In Arrowhead, he was just letting loose and getting to the quarterback and doing his sack dance on us. I was like,'Man, come on, man. Let's get this game over with.'"

No. 20: Demaryius Thomas

Tyrann Mathieu, Cardinals safety
"One of the more explosive big receivers in the game. [...] I don't think there's really any way to stop him other than having some help over top."

Chimdi Chekwa, Raiders cornerback
"You've got to have an attacking mindset against him. He'll catch a short route and take it for 60."


Jarvis Landry, Dolphins wide receiver**
"I remember we were winning by 17 or 10, something like that. And he double-moved the safety or corner, scored and that was probably the turning point of the game. From that point it was all downhill for us."

Aqib Talib
"Peyton throwing to him, perfect combination. He's definitely a problem. If you try to be too physical, he'll run past you. If you want to get ready to run with him on the line, then he'll do some physical stuff and have you all off balance."

Darrell Stuckey, Chargers safety
"Because of who his quarterback is and his abilities, based on the coverage you're playing, he can alter his route or make a call or audible and that also makes it challenging because if you're playing off him, he may run a screen right to you so pick your poison."

Antonio Cromartie, Cardinals cornerback
"The worst game of my career, probably, I gave up a 37-yard touchdown. Then his feet got tangled, ended up catching the ball and the safety had an angle and he ran past the safety and went 80 yards for a touchdown."

No. 5: Peyton Manning


Tamba Hali, Chiefs outside linebacker**
"He gets the ball out so quick. [...] He's in the red zone and he sees man coverage and I hear him yelling 'Fastball! Fastball! Fastball!' Demaryius Thomas, he was going to the pylon and the ball comes out and touchdown. He makes it look so easy sometimes and it's hard to play against him."

Kyle Williams, Bills defensive tackle
"Short of a couple of those guys falling down and having a heart attack, you aren't going to get to him. The ball is gone."

Justin Houston, Chiefs outside linebacker
"You've got to work on getting your hands up because you know the ball is coming out quick. He's very smart and knows how to work the pocket so it's hard to get a sack off him."

Brent Grimes, Dolphins cornerback
"It's like having an offensive coordinator on the field. He knows exactly what to do, where to put people and what to set up. He knows what you're in. He's just a great player."

Chimdi Chekwa, Raiders cornerback
"He knows your defense. Once you show your hand, he figures out what you're in and attacks the weakness. And that's what makes it tough to play against Peyton Manning. You really have to stay true to your disguise and you've got to try to confuse him."

Justin Tuck, Raiders defensive end
"Most of the stuff that comes out of Peyton's mouth is just he's playing chess with you and a lot of people play checkers with him. That's another part of his genius. He keeps defenses off balance because of that, because you're always trying to figure it out. I try my best to tune him out but he kind of sucks you in with that. You just try your best to go out there and worry about your responsibilities are in the game and not worry about what he's doing, because a lot of times I'm not going to catch on to it anyway."

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