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The Pro Bowl Push: Why Courtland Sutton's teammates see a young star on the verge of his first Pro Bowl

With voting for the 2020 Pro Bowl underway, it's our job to make sure Broncos fans are as well informed as possible before they do their civic NFL duty. So, to provide valuable perspective on the outstanding seasons some of the Broncos' top players are putting forward this year, we asked their teammates why they should make the Pro Bowl.

In our second installment, we heard plenty of support for Courtland Sutton:

"He's been spectacular for us. I think he's one of the top receivers in the AFC now, just continuing to make big plays for us every week. He's catching those 50-50 balls — a couple of those he missed last year, now he's catching them all. … He's got great hands. He rarely drops anything. He makes tough catches and he's just physical. He's a strong receiver, so he's hard to guard." — CB Chris Harris Jr.

"Courtland, for sure! I texted after [the Vikings] game, 'Just let me know how the Pro Bowl is; I still haven't been there!' Courtland's been playing great this season, so I feel like he deserves it for sure." – OLB Bradley Chubb

"Just having a guy that you can rely on in one-on-one situations is huge. Anything that makes you more comfortable back there — and Courtland definitely does that — is big for any quarterback, especially a guy that's going out there for his first time and gets to throw a ball up for his first touchdown that gets caught off a shoulder pad. You couldn't ask for much more than that." — QB Drew Lock

"You guys are seeing a person that is growing into his body. He understands his leverage and his body. You can tell that he went back for the summertime and really, really practiced his routes, which we all knew that's what he wanted to do. Now you guys are seeing somebody that's more comfortable and confident, and that's going to continue." — RB Phillip Lindsay

"[He's] just a playmaker. We've seen it this year: That dude goes up and grabs balls that no one should be catching. I'm extremely impressed with him and the plays that he brings to the team and the way he works, not only catching the ball, but he blocks his ass off. The leader that he is, everything that he does on game day and throughout the week is Pro Bowl caliber." – G Dalton Risner

"I just think his attention to detail, his willingness to get better — like, he knows what he needs to work on — and just his approach [make him so good.] I sit next to him in meetings, and just the notes he takes, his attention to the small details, especially just watching film, he knows how the guy's going to play, what he's going to do. I feel like you can see it on the field, because he knows and expects what's coming and just lets his natural ability take over. He's made some crazy plays and everybody else looks at him like, 'Dang, I don't know how he made that catch.' But you just see how he approaches the game and how he works and how he goes to practice each and every day, and you can see why those plays are being made. He's a tremendous athlete, and he's young — and he knows he's young — and he wants to get better. The sky's the limit for him." — WR Diontae Spencer

To vote for Courtland Sutton and the rest of your favorite Broncos, click here. You can also vote on Twitter by Tweeting #ProBowlVote with either the player's first and last name (#ProBowlVote Courtland Sutton), their Twitter handle (#_ProBowlVote @SuttonCourtland) or their full name as a hashtag (#ProBowlVote #CourtlandSutton).

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