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Broncos vs. 49ers: First-half sacks and safety set tone

The Broncos took a 8-3 lead into halftime, led by a sack by DeMarcus Ware for a safety on Colin Kaepernick.

Defense was the name of the game in the first half for the Broncos, allowing the 49ers to reach only three downs in the first half, and none in the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter, San Francisco had negative-10 yards passing, due to Von Miller's sack and no complete passes for Kaepernick.

Miller's sack came on the first passing play of the game for the 49ers.

Early in the second quarter, the Broncos would get their second sack, this one by Ware to add two points on the board. Kaepernick sensed the hit was coming, but he couldn't get the ball out of the end zone.

With 10 yards lost to Miller's sack and three to Ware's sack, the 49ers' 13 total first-half passing yards matched the yards lost to sacks.

In the second half, defense continued to dominate with Shane Ray racking up sack number three for the Broncos. In the fourth quarter with 6:29 left, Ray took down Blaine Gabbert for a loss of four yards.

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