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Broncos to introduce alternate helmet in 2023


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Broncos will feature a new look in 2023.

Denver will introduce an alternate helmet that the team will wear for up to two games during the 2023 season, the team revealed Monday.

The Broncos have not yet released details of what the helmet looks like or when it will be worn. 

The team posted the following graphic to social media on Monday:

Broncos President Damani Leech previously acknowledged the Broncos were exploring the opportunity of wearing an alternate helmet. A recent NFL rule change allowed teams to introduce a second helmet shell, which can be a different color than the primary shell. The alternate helmet must be worn with the Broncos' alternate color rush uniform. 

"As you know, the league changed that policy a couple years ago, allowing teams to have more flexibility with helmets," Leech said at the Annual Meeting last week. "That's something we're definitely exploring. We do have the possibility of doing it this year, so we're exploring that as well."

The Broncos have featured an alternate logo on their helmets for certain games in recent years, but the base color of the helmet remained the same.

From the brown helmets to the current blue helmets with the horse head on the side, look back through all the helmet styles the Broncos have worn since their first season in 1960.

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