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Broncos not surprised at adversity's arrival, prepare to confront it

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — There is no sense of panic at UCHealth Training Center.

The wheels are not falling off and the Broncos' playoff hopes are not crumbling.

Above anything, running back C.J. Anderson wants to make sure that's understood.

"Who says we're off track?" Anderson said.

Sunday's 23-10 loss to the previously winless New York Giants is just one game.

The best way to make it more than that? Worry about more than just this weekend's game.

"It can go off track as quickly as we're on [track]," Anderson said. "How I look at it is this: We've got three games on the road, and we've got to focus on one game at a time. If we're worrying about the future, it'll go off track faster than worrying about what's going on this Sunday."

But there is an admitted sense of urgency this week as the Broncos prepare to battle a slew of injuries and a divisional opponent. Head Coach Vance Joseph knew these in-season trials would arrive at some point— he just thought they'd come sooner.

"First of all, it's a hard league," Joseph said. "It's early in this football season, and every team's going to have adversity, as far as losing football games, as far as having injuries. It's our turn. The key is to overcome injuries with your depth and with your players and overcome adversity by staying with the process.

"I knew it was going to come. It hadn't hit us, even in preseason. It's here now. So I'm not surprised it's here. But we can't panic, and we can't blame. We have to do more — all of us, coaches and players. It's here, OK? Let's deal with it and get through it."

The Broncos hope to move on quickly, and urgency seemed to be a prevailing sentiment during Wedneday's media sessions.

After Sunday's loss, outside linebacker Von Miller emphasized the Broncos must be desperate heading forward. Through its practice effort, its film study and especially its game-day play, the team must channel its enthusiasm to earn a win against the Chargers.

Siemian said Wednesday he senses that desperation in his team, but he argued that doesn't change week to week.

"I think we're desperate every week," Siemian said. "That's how you approach it. These games mean so much. You only get 16 of them, and this is a divisional game, so yeah, I think he's spot on with that. You're desperate every week."

Siemian also recognizes teams will deal with rough pockets during the course of a season. It's not realistic to expect excellence each and every week. It's far more important, Siemian said, to see how the team responds.

"You're going to hit adversity during the season, it's just a matter of when," Siemian said. "It just so happens, this past week for us [was it]. The Patriots went [16-0], but you're going to lose games, you're going to stub your toe. How do you respond?

"Especially this week, it's a big week for us [with a] divisional game. I wish we could play tomorrow — get back out there. But we'll have a good week of work and be ready to go."

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