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Broncos' draft plans a secret to everyone, including who they draft

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Bradley Chubb met with the Broncos just once.

For 15 minutes at the 2018 NFL Combine, he spoke with John Elway and the Broncos. It was one of many meetings with many prospects the Broncos would hold that week.

So perhaps it's no surprise Chubb had no inclination the Broncos were interested in him.

They selected him Thursday with the fifth-overall pick.

Hardly any mock drafts projected Courtland Sutton would fall to No. 40.

The Broncos had a first-round grade on him and took him with their second-round pick.

Royce Freeman, the Pac-12's second all-time leading rusher, had "no idea" he would end up in Denver.

Elway snagged Freeman with the 71st-overall pick.

"With things like this, you just don't know where you are going to end up or where you are going to go," Freeman said. "I definitely am appreciative to be a part of this winning culture."

The Broncos wrapped up Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft by selecting cornerback Isaac Yiadom.

Head Coach Vance Joseph and his staff coached Yiadom at the Senior Bowl — but they never had much interaction with him otherwise.

"Surprisingly, not really," said Yiadom, when asked whether he suspected the Broncos would draft him. "When they were coaching me, I took every single tip they gave me and ran off with it. I am more than thankful and more than happy to be playing with a coaching staff I am familiar with."

It seems for all the skill Elway possesses as a general manager, he may have more in covert operations.

"Well yeah, I have to hide everything from [the media]," joked Elway when asked about all his draft picks being unaware of his interest. "If I let too many things out … I have to play hide-and-go-seek with you guys all the time when it comes down to who we're going to pick. I've got to try and keep it quiet."

Elway then turned serious as he discussed his team's evaluation process as they try to identify the prospects who will fit.

"The thing is, like I said yesterday, our scouts have done a tremendous job," Elway said. "Courtland, as well as Royce and Isaac, they're really, really good people. They're really positive people. When you get that kind of feedback on them, you don't have to do a whole lot of homework and visit with them too many times when you know that the background is there."

That process will lead Elway and his staff to the Broncos' next four picks that are scheduled to take place Saturday.

And if he has his way, the rest of the world will have no idea who will be next.

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