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Broncos, Briefly: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Each member (or family members) of the Broncos' Top-100 team will receive commemorative game balls. Several will also participate in "Fantennial Weekend" on Oct. 11-13 and be recognized when the Broncos host the Titans that Sunday.

Nothing stirs vehement discussion like a list.

In conjunction with the NFL's 100th season, the Denver Broncos announced their all-time Top 100 Team on Monday.

**Fans help name Broncos ‘Top 100’ team - and the list is good** (Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann, Mile High Report)

No matter the debates that will happen over who is and who is not included, every name here is part of a franchise that has contributed to the Denver Broncos growing from a fledgling AFL team to a three-time Super Bowl champion that is second only to the New England Patriots in number of Super Bowl appearances (8) and has the second-best home field winning percentage in the league at 69.6 (including postseason).

"I've been around a lot of great receivers," the two-time Pro-Bowler said, "and those two, they have the personality traits to be great players in this league because they want to be great and they understand it. Sometimes, guys aren't even aware of what they're doing, they're just doing it. Those guys, their awareness is up there to the point of they are listening and aware of what it takes to be a great player, and if they aren't aware of it, then they're watching or studying other people to try to be great."

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