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Broncos, Briefly: Monday, Nov. 4, 2019

Trailing the Broncos by five points with seven minutes remaining, the Cleveland Browns moved from their 12-yard line to the Broncos' 25. They wanted to follow the script established by the Chicago Bears (Week 2), Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 4) and Indianapolis Colts (Week 8): Snatch victory away from the Broncos.

But not this time.

Noah Fant bulldozed past three Browns defenders before his path to the end zone was clear of all defenders and all doubt.

After more than three years of waiting and after getting cut three times by teams that either didn't need him or needed someone else more, Allen made his NFL debut Sunday and made sure it was one he wouldn't forget. With more than a dozen family members and friends in attendance, Allen led the Broncos to a 24-19 win over the Browns to transform from an unknown to an unofficial MVP in mere hours.

The pass that made it all OK for Denver Broncos quarterback Brandon Allen on Sunday, the one he said would settle him down and get him going, was also "the worst one I threw all day.''

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