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Brittany Bowlen honors family legacy as co-chair of Global Down Syndrome Foundation Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show

DENVER — For years, Brittany Bowlen saw her parents' commitment to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Now, she's dedicated to taking on Pat and Annabel Bowlen's cause as her own.

Brittany Bowlen co-chaired the Global Down Syndrome Foundation's Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show on Saturday night in Denver, and she spoke about how she felt the need to continue on her family's work with the foundation.

"[Co-chair] Kacey [Bingham] and my family have been involved with Global Down Syndrome since its inception," Bowlen said. "Unfortunately my mother and father can't be here tonight to support this cause, and it's really an honor to be able to continue their legacy with Global in our community."

Half a dozen Broncos joined Bowlen at Saturday night's fashion show in Denver, and she expressed her gratitude for their support on a rare night off.

"I'm just so honored to have so many players here," Bowlen said. "They brought so much joy into the room when we were starting to prep, and they're clearly really excited to be here. They're engaged with the kids and giving back to the community, and that's a really important part about being with the Broncos. It's an honor to see our players taking that seriously."

On a night in which Bowlen continued to honor her parents, she was asked about her dad and the ownership of the team.

"You know what, right now, the Denver Broncos have an owner — it's my father," Bowlen said. "Unfortunately, he can't be involved in the day-to-day operations of the team. I do have ambitions and goals to one day become the controlling owner of the Denver Broncos, and I'll keep working towards those goals. I'm not there yet, but I really believe I can get there. Today's about Global Down Syndrome, I'm honored to be co-chairing this event and really excited about tonight."

Bowlen said her father is doing "OK" as he fights Alzheimer's disease.

Von Miller, Case Keenum, Brandon McManus, Justin Simmons, Jeff Heuerman and Phillip Lindsay joined celebrities and advocate models to hit the runway at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation's 10th Anniversary Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show.

"He is the most stoic Alzheimer's patient," Brittany Bowlen said. "It's truly inspirational to see how he's carried himself through the disease. I just graduated from my master's program at Duke, and it's been really awesome to be able to spend more time with him."

Brittany Bowlen recently started a role with McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, and she said her job there is her current focus.

She fully expects, though, that her experience with McKinsey will help prepare her for an eventual role with the Broncos.

"You know what, I think it's going to help me a lot," Bowlen said. "I think it's really important that I get experience outside of the football industry, and I think that working at McKinsey & Company is going to give me that experience."

Bowlen already possesses two years of NFL experience, which she detailed on Saturday.

"It was an incredible experience," Bowlen said. "I got to spend time with the PR department, with digital media — which was really awesome because I was able to see the impact that my father [had] in television. And to be a part of his legacy, that was really amazing. I also spent time with Club Business Development, which is a group that consults for all 32 clubs. I drove the fan-experience survey, and I think that was actually part of the reason why I wanted to go into consulting, because I loved working for all the clubs and really seeing how I can help them improve their operations."

Again and again on Saturday night, Bowlen referenced her father and her family. And ultimately, that's the core factor that ties her to both the Broncos and Saturday evening's Global Down Syndrome Foundation's event.

"For me, football is about family," Bowlen said. "I grew up in this organization, I love my family, I love the impact that they have on our community, I love the team and seeing how the team works together, and that's what I love about football. I love watching the game, but really seeing the connections that people make and the lifelong friendships people make, that's what's important."

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