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Aqib Talib returns after frustrating Week 10


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** Aqib Talib returned to the UCHealth Training Center on Monday after serving a one-game suspension, but he couldn't help but be frustrated after watching the Broncos fall to their second loss. The defense did fairly well in his absence, but it couldn't overcome tough situations after the offense's multiple giveaways.

"Terribly frustrating," Talib said. "You never want to watch a game like that. [...] It's just frustrating having to watch the game like that, though."

Here are the top shots from the Broncos' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

During his week off, Talib traveled to Dallas to see his family and spend time with his youth football team, though he kept an eye on the team from afar, staying in touch with his teammates and giving advice when he could.

Despite seeing the Chiefs continue to add field goals to build on their lead, though, Talib noted that the defense played well after turnovers put them on the wrong side of the field.

"[They] got put in some short fields, gave up a bunch of field goals, one touchdown from all the turnovers," he said. "Two big plays on two big passing plays gave them [126] yards, or something like that, but all around, they played great on third down. I think the defense played really good."

The losses have piled up on the field, with Sunday's being the second straight, and it extended further on Monday as the Broncos lost Peyton Manning for the week -- if not longer -- as he recovers from injuries to his foot, ribs and shoulder.

But the message remains the same for the team as they work toward bouncing back.

"You've got to get to work," Talib said of the  It's a long season. All of us have been through seasons before; that's part of the grind.

"It's a gut check every week. It's the National Football League. If you plan on doing something in the National Football League, it's a gut check every week."

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