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Aqib Talib dishes on his fancy wedding footwear, and Von Miller's fancy footwork


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** There are not many people who would classify themselves as the type to wear a cape and crown. The Seahawks' Earl Thomas, who wore those accessories during his wedding, is one of the few; Aqib Talib is not, though that doesn't mean he's been outdone.

"I ain't the cape-and-the-crown type, you know," Talib said with a smile. "I'll put some fly shoes on and keep pushing."

And that's just what he did at his own wedding, which brought many Broncos, past and present, back together in March. In a white double-breasted jacket, a white shirt, a white bow tie and black pants, Talib had a very simple, clean style, and then added an exclamation point with his shoes, which from photo evidence, look like sequined Yves Saint Laurents.

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"I knew the colors and I just wanted something different. YSL--Saint Laurent--I saw those Saint Laurents; they were the perfect color," Talib said. "It was a no-brainer."

But given the occasion, which Talib called the highlight of his Super Bowl offseason, the shoes were immediately retired: "They're one-and-done."

As he's enjoyed his offseason, Talib has also been keeping an eye on his friend Von Miller, who has been much sought-after by television networks and publications in the past two months. Among Miller's more high-profile excursions is his recurring appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" as a contestant, which has drawn some teammates to the audience in support.

"It's super fun that he's on there. We support him in everything that he does. That's like a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. He's doing a hell of a job at it. Hopefully he makes [the championship] and we all go out there and support him. We'll take over the whole crowd," Talib said.

Talib's been impressed, even surprised, by Miller's fancy footwork, but he did make his push for his own appearance on the show.

"They're probably going to want to call me. I'm going to dance after my interceptions and stuff this year," joked Talib, tongue planted firmly in cheek. "They might call me next year."

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