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Woodyard's World: Week 4

Editor's note: Linebacker , who was voted as a team captain for the fifth-consecutive season this year, will contribute blog entries thoughout the 2013 season. See below for his latest entry about about his disappointment with last week's defensive outing, his thoughts on this week's game and his thoughts on people calling for a high-scoring game vs. Philadelphia.

I said after last week's victory that I wasn't satisfied with the defensive effort.

We gave up 21 points and although I'm happy we got the win, I wasn't happy with how we finished the game on D. I expect us to go out there and play four quarters. In order to be a great defense, you have to do it for four quarters. That is something that we have to continue to work on and get better every day and every week.

We have great players out there and we have a great scheme. We just have to go out there and show it. It disappoints me when we give up touchdowns. I don't like being scored on and that's just the approach I have and the approach I'm going to take every day.

Since we played on Monday night, we didn't have time to look at the film as a team like we do after a normal game. Our coach still gave us the grade sheet, and then it was up to us to watch the tape on our own and make sure we correct the problems that went on in the game. So, I looked at it, and then I moved on straight to Philly.

I know they have a lot of offensive weapons, and we've been hearing the chatter that it's going to be a high-scoring game.

That kind of ticks me off that people actually say we're going to get a lot of points scored on us. It is what it is though. We are going to approach the game as though we aren't going to let anybody score on us. That's how we're going to carry ourselves and that's how were going to go about things. You know, I still haven't had a shutout since I've been here. I'm trying to get one. Why not get one this week?

We face another mobile quarterback in Michael Vick this week, but he's a different player than Terrelle Pryor.  Vick is a more experienced quarterback, obviously, and he definitely can throw the football a lot better. Pryor – not taking anything away from him, but Vick is Michael Vick. He makes plays with his feet and the thing about Vick is that throughout his career is that he can scramble and still get the ball down the field. We have to make sure to take away his scrambling ability and stay in front of him.

With LeSean McCoy back there too it's a challenge for us. Every week in this league you go against great players and great schemes. Not often do you get a chance to face back-to-back No. 1-ranked running teams.

It's a challenge that we are gladly going to accept. We're excited about it. That's what we do. We play defense for a living and we're excited about it.

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