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Woodyard's World: Week 10

Editor's note: Linebacker , who was voted as a team captain for the fifth-consecutive season this year, will contribute blog entries thoughout the 2013 season. See below for his latest entry about this week's game at San Diego and the news of Coach Fox's release from the hospital.

We're back at it after the bye week and ready to start a tough stretch with a lot of division games in front of us. It's really important to get off to a good start against the other AFC West teams. We want to establish that dominance.

Right now, obviously, we're not first in our division – so that's on our mind. San Diego is a good challenge this week. We're on the road, it's just our second division game – and it is against a good team – so we're excited for the opportunity that we've got.

Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates have got a great connection that we've been playing against for years. Even when he's covered, Rivers has that confidence in him to get the ball to him. They've been doing it for a long time and they're a challenge.

I know you guys remember last year's game at San Diego. This year is a new year, but that game sparked a good streak for us.

We were losing by 24 at halftime and then just put it together as a team in the locker room. I think that was the biggest thing. Coach Fox challenged us and we were able to come out with a W.

Speaking of Coach Fox, we got the good news just a bit ago that he was released from the hospital.

Man, that's extremely good news. We didn't think he was going to get out this early. We're glad he's recovering and healthy, man. Foxy's a soldier. He's going to be a tough guy to keep out of anything. We're glad to hear that he's doing well.