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Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll**

On how the Seahawks plan to contain the Broncos offense

"Well, we're going to try and slow them down. They're very, very volatile. They have so many different ways to go that you can't zero in on them. We know that (Broncos quarterback) Peyton (Manning) is obviously a kingpin, but there is so much happening in this offense with great players. We're just going to have to spread our guys out and do the best we can. We have to cover, we have to rush them, we have to do everything we can possibly come up with."

On Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

"He's an incredible competitor in every way. In preparation, in game day, he's the epitome of what you want in your competitor. He's got tremendous work habits. He's got extraordinary athleticism. He's got a general all-around savvy that allows him to make great decisions under pressure. He's extremely confident too, so no matter what is going on, he's not going to waver in his focus and ability to handle things. He's just been a blast to coach and been a great team member."

On Manning

 "Peyton is as good of a football player as you could find at any level, at any time, in any state of the history of this game. He's been able to bank on great experience. He's always been a winner. He's always been a championship guy. But now he's banked on the great experience that he's built up behind him to formulate an offensive system is unnatural. The numbers, the production and the winning that they've created with his leadership is extraordinary. The problem that he presents us with is so much of this experience because he makes the right choices, his decisions are perfect, he matches up the plays with the defense, he takes advantage of all of the qualities that a great quarterback could take advantage of and he's accurate. He's mindful and he's competitive. He's all of that. It challenges us in every way possible."

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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

On playing against Manning

"It'll be great to go against Peyton (Manning). Obviously, it's not me versus him, but he's a guy that I have so much respect for. All of the amazing things he's done over his career, he's built this unbelievable legacy, and he's one of the best - if not the best - quarterbacks to ever play the game. One day I want to be like him in terms of the way he thinks. He's just a master of the game. I'm working to get there; I'm on a constant quest for knowledge. I have memories of being in tenth grade and going to his passing academy and learning from him. That was one of the better experiences of my life. Obviously, it's a good game, and it will be a great moment."

On the hardest part of playing in a Super Bowl

"The hardest part in terms of the Super Bowl and playing any game really in the National Football League is just controlling your emotions. That's also something I've learned and I've been able to understand and get better at. I think for me it's being poised, being the calm in the storm and letting everybody else know in the huddle that we're just playing one play at a time and it's no different. The field is still 100 yards (long). It's still only 53 and a third (wide), and it's still going to be first, second and third down."

On whether he expected the Seahawks would be in the Super Bowl

"I definitely expected to be here. I believe in my talent. I believe in everything that I've been given. I expect to play at a high level, and I expect to be fighting for a Super Bowl every year. That's kind of our mindset. That's our team. We have a championship mindset. Our goal is to go 1-0. I put all the hard work in, and I expect great things when I put the hard work in. Like I always say, the separation is in the preparation, and we're excited to be here."

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Seahawks WR Golden Tate

On whether the Seahawks offense feels disrespected with all of the talk centering around the Denver offense and the Seattle defense

 "It's no secret; it's the number one offense against the number one defense. That's going to draw attention naturally. At the end of the day, in order to win a game of this magnitude you're going to need offense, defense and special teams. So we know as receivers and Seattle's offense, we're going to have to step up big. Not only in the passing game, but we're going to have to make some key blocks. The unique thing about our receiver group is we can play special teams; we can go out there and be very effective on special teams. We can go in there and stick our nose in there and block a linebacker or an end or whatever they ask us to do. I think we can do a lot of things that a lot of groups aren't as reliable as we are."

On what he sees on film from the Broncos defense that concerns him

 "I wouldn't say anything concerns me. I honestly feel like we're going against the best defense on a daily basis in practice. It doesn't get any better than going against an All-Pro, the best cornerback in the league every day, so I wouldn't say concerned. This week we've done a really good job of paying attention to detail. Zoning in on what we need to do and at the end of the day once that ball is kicked off it's just another game. I think the media puts it on a stage and it is a big stage, but at the end of the day it's still 100 yards and it's still 11 on 11 football."

On whether the Seahawks see an opportunity given the injuries in the Broncos secondary

"Yeah, we definitely know that they're a little banged up. Champ (Bailey) is coming back. Heck of a player, I have a ton of respect for him and can't wait to shake his hand out there and tell him I'm a fan after the game. At the end of the day I feel like we're going against the best DB's every single day, so on Sundays I feel like we always have an advantage because we're going against the best on a regular basis. At the end of the day, once that ball is kicked off it's just another game for us and that's how we're going to treat it."

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Seahawks CB Richard Sherman

On the biggest challenge of facing Manning

 "Being patient. Being patient and understanding that he's going to get his yards and he's going to make his plays. He's one of the best in the history. If you pull your hair out over every pass he completes and over every yard that he makes, then you'd have a long day ahead of you. Because he's a great, elite quarterback and he's going to make his yards, he's going to make his plays and anytime that you get mad about things like that, you get angry, or you feel some type of way, then it will be hard for you to consistently play well. So our defense has a whole has to be patient and be able to overcome the adversity, and we've done so all season."

On what it means to be a part of Seattle's Legion of Boom

"The Legion of Boom is a legacy. It's a legacy, it's a group, it's a legion, it's a vast army of individuals and we have countless bodies behind us that are more than capable of doing the job. It's Kam Chancellor, the enforcer, the punisher, the guy who sets the tone for the defense; it's Earl Thomas, the fastest guy on the field, the most knowledgeable, who understands everything; it's Byron Maxwell, making big play, after big play, after big play; it's Walter Thurmond, doing a heck of a job playing disciplined, sound football. I think it's our identity and it sets a high standard, and it's a standard that I think everybody is more than capable of living up to and has."

On the attention he has received this week

"I really think these cameras should go to my teammates, especially after Bobby Wagner's 15-tackle game in the NFC Championship, Kam Chancellor's interception and multiple pass deflections and his 11 tackles, or Earl's 11 tackles. I think these cameras can be around anyone. I think that what happened after the game, the situation that occurred, forced them to be around me and forced everybody's attention, but I think I have the best teammates in the world. Doug Baldwin had a heck of a game, and he's a heck of a receiver, and has the stats to prove it. I think that these cameras could be anywhere. They could be on all my teammates, and they deserve it."

* *

Seahawks CB Walter Thurmond

On whether he has seen a group of wide receivers like the Broncos' corps this season

 "Most definitely. We go against some of the best receiving corps every day in practice. They're great athletes over there, great competitors. I have a lot of respect for the guys over there. Peyton Manning is doing a great job over there. Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker have had Pro Bowl years this year. It's going to be fun going against it on Sunday."

On the challenges that Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker poses

"He's a shifty receiver. He's a veteran receiver. He has a lot of football experience. He's very knowledgeable of the game. It seems like him and Peyton (Manning) click very well. I'm looking forward to the opportunity. I didn't really get to go against him in the preseason, but I'm looking forward to it most definitely."  

On whether there is anything that can be taken from the preseason game between the two teams

"Most definitely. They're still running a lot of the similar stuff from that preseason game. It's fun having two weeks to prepare for somebody. You get to really understand how they move and how they operate and stuff like that. We've had a great week of practice last week. I look forward to having another really great week this week all in preparation for Sunday."

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