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Ware: 'You Can't Double-Team Both of Us'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --It didn't take long for DeMarcus Ware's new teammates to accept him.

He just had to find them first.

"The biggest challenge is not knowing where to go when you have construction everywhere," Ware laughed. "I got lost this morning. I'm glad there's no snow.

"But after that, the guys, they welcome you in and that's what team is about."

The Broncos' new defensive end said it was obvious -- even on the first day of the club's voluntary offseason conditioning program -- that the team has a driving force pushing it through the workouts.

"You can really see that the guys really want it and they know that they have that bad tastes in their mouths from last season and I know that is motivating them," he said.

Though Ware wasn't part of last year's loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, he knows it's something that the team will use throughout the 2014 campaign. But right now the focus is on building chemistry between teammates new and old.

View photos of the defense's group workout on the first day of the voluntary offseason conditioning program.

"You have a whole new group of guys, and it's really not about the names on the backs of your jerseys, it's about how you are playing with that guy beside you," Ware said. "We are building a team camaraderie right now working out and the sky is the limit for us."

The 10th-year veteran said he feels "good" as he continues to rehab from surgery to correct an elbow injury that plagued him throughout the 2013 season. He's not yet back to 100 percent -- coincidentally or not, No. 94 said he's at "about 94 percent" -- but that hasn't stopped him from getting right to work with his pass-rushing partner, linebacker Von Miller.

In the weight room, Ware said he and Miller did some "ball-throws, abs and a little bit of biceps and triceps."

In the film room, they were just as active. The two watched tape of each other rushing the passer.

"Some of the moves that he was doing on tape were some of the moves that I have been doing," Ware smiled. "I was critiquing him, he was critiquing me and it's just a good thing to know that there are guys out there that look up to you. Now I have an opportunity to shed some advice onto him. He is a great player and I look forward to playing with him this season."

"I'm excited about it," he continued. "You can't double-team both of us, especially with the big guys in the middle. Those guys are going to be holding it down, getting the pressure in the middle of the pocket. We're just really ready to play. I'm looking forward to just playing with all the guys and just keep it rolling."

Monday's start of the offseason conditioning program was the first step toward that becoming a reality.

"It's been a good day today," Ware said. "A great group of guys and we've been working really hard. I think it's going to be a great season this year."

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