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Von Miller to 'grind harder' as Broncos look for sacks, win vs. Packers

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Von Miller is frustrated.

After two defeats to open the season, that much seems certain.

But Miller's frustration has less to do with the team's sack-less start to the season than it does with the team's 0-2 start.

"We've got a great team," Miller said. "We've got great players. I just want to win. I feel like everything comes with wins. It's just frustrating knowing what we've got in the locker room, what we've got upstairs and everything that we put into it and not be able to win. I feel like that's where the frustration come from. We just need to break through. We've been practicing really, really well this week and I'm excited about going to Green Bay and playing a good team."

Head Coach Vic Fangio has sensed Miller's frustration — and he hopes the three-time first-team All-Pro handles that feeling in a certain fashion.

"I'm sure he lets you guys and everybody else and himself get into his head a little bit, but I've talked to him about that," Fangio said. "Hopefully he listens to me more than the thousands of others."

Fangio said he hasn't felt the same frustration from Bradley Chubb.

"I don't think Chubb's there yet," Fangio said. "I think he's fine."

Miller will aim to channel that feeling against Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. The last time Miller played Rodgers, he recorded a sack in a 29-10 Broncos win.

"I just want to rush the passer, get clean looks and all the stuff that makes [us] great," Miller said. "We've just got to keep playing for the breakthrough. There is no way we can go the whole season and not get a sack. There's no way possible that is going to happen. We've just got to keep playing and sticking together and tightening the nuts and just getting ready to go."

Miller has gone through slumps before without recording a sack, but he admits he's never had one to start a season. As he tries to end it, he said he has chosen to "grind harder" and spend more time in the film room.

He's also aimed to stay positive despite the frustration.

"When I go to sleep at night that's what I say in my head, no matter what they do, I'm still going to be able to get there," Miller said. "It doesn't always work like that. We're just playing for a breakthrough. It's like blackjack, just double down. We've been doing all the right stuff, we're preparing well, we're practicing well. We're doing everything that we need to be doing off the field and everything in between. We've just got to keep playing.

"Sacks come in bunches and it'll be a good week to get it this week in Lambeau."

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