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Von Miller's step-by-step guide to sacking a quarterback

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — For those who complain that NFL press conference are too boring, contain too many talking points and don't offer any real insight, one thing is clear:

They haven't listened to a Von Miller press conference.

On Wednesday, the Super Bowl 50 MVP and newly crowned team captain traded his jokes and metaphors for a serious schematic breakdown. Even without a video screen behind him, Miller made it easy to understand how he's able to make sacking the quarterback look so easy.

If you want to replicate Miller's success, just follow his step-by-step guide:

(Be warned, there's no money-back guarantee.)

  1. Start off on the other side of the line of scrimmage, and lull your opponent to sleep.

"I started off the [third preseason] game on the right going against [Packers OT] David Bakhtiari. Then I tried to switch it up on him. I like to move around, so I started on the right. Then I went over to the left and had a rush."

2. Feel the offensive tackle out and plan your next move

"I came around and I had the edge, but the right tackle, he kind of — when you get a sack, it's not just that play you get a sack. You really set the sack up a couple plays in advance. I was rushing on the outside a couple plays before. He kind of dragged me down. I was thinking to myself, 'When I get another opportunity, I'm going to try to bull rush.'"

3. Use information from each play to help your cause

"I came again, and kind of got a chip so I didn't get a clean move. Another play after that, I lined up outside and I rushed. I got the chip and I came in and spun underneath. I was like, 'Oh, he's free. I can spin underneath on this guy.' I didn't get a lot of film on [offensive tackle Jason] Spriggs that week. So I spun underneath off of a chip—if you could spin off of a chip, if you have an open rush, you can get it. The very next rush, I said I would spin again."

4. Take advantage of your opportunities

"[I] spun again, [and] it was open. The center was too late, and Aaron Rodgers just gave it to me."

5. Be grateful

"I thought he was going to scramble, but he just gave it to me. Appreciate it, Aaron."

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