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Von Miller 'ready to go' after busy offseason


DENVER —** Von Miller has been dotting each side of the United States in preparing for his fifth season in the NFL with the Broncos. From Miami to California, he's spent time with multiple trainers, absorbing all he can in his workouts.

"I'm not doing CrossFit and all that stuff or any of that or doing some of the insanity workouts," Miller said. "I'm just grinding, coming in every day. Every trainer has their own method of what they think is best so I think going to multiple guys, it really just helps the individual out."

This is an offseason that contrasts sharply with the one a year ago when he was rehabbing from an ACL injury. It's given him the chance to experience other forms of training with these different professionals, and he's obviously relieved to have a normal offseason again instead of spending every day with the Broncos' training staff working to get his body back to where it was.

Already in intense individual preparation for the 2015 season, Miller is excited for what the future might bring, from the new coaching staff to player additions.

"New is always exciting and it's always going on and this type of defense that we're going to play, I know for a fact that we're going to bring the pressure," he said. "We're going to be able to focus on some of our talents and our strengths. We're going to be able to focus on some of the corners' strengths, some of the safeties' strengths. T.J. [Ward]'s going to be able to come down and do what he does best. Aqib [Talib] and Chris [Harris Jr.] and all those guys are going to be able to do the type of stuff that they do best, and me and DeMarcus [Ware], and everybody in between."

He's also familiar with new Broncos defensive lineman Antonio Smith, and sees Smith bringing a unique skill set to help the line get even more pressure from the interior.

"He's a great player and he's a great pass rusher from the tackle position on third downs," he added from media availability at his Von's Vision event on Wednesday. "I think there's no other tackles doing it, other than J.J. and all those other guys, I don't think there's no one that's able to get pressure on the quarterback the way he can from inside the tackle. It's definitely going to help me, DeMarcus, Lerentee and all those guys out there that's rushing from the outside. You've got an inside push and the quarterback can't just step up three yards so having Antonio is going to be great."

As for his busy offseason, that was just the way he wanted to approach it, keeping focused and keeping busy.

"I didn't really want to take a break from football," he said. "I feel better at work, I feel better coming out to a facility and doing all that stuff and watching film. That's where I feel comfortable, so I didn't want to get away from that. last offseason I couldn't really train the way I wanted to and this offseason, I'm 100 percent. I'm ready to train and I've been training ever since."

In the meantime before team workouts begin again soon, Miller has been in close contact with his teammates, staying in tune with them and being excited for what they can pull together to accomplish in the coming season.

"Not one day goes where I don't talk to somebody from the linebacking group or the D-line group. We're excited about everything. I'm excited for the new coaches; I'm excited to get everybody back in there and get everybody going."

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