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Veteran Colquitt chooses to lead by example


ENGLEWOOD, Colo.** – Entering the 2015 offseason as the longest-tenured specialist isn't something that punter Britton Colquitt expected or thought about.

"It's not something you think about all the time," said Colquitt of his veteran status. "I guess I don't feel that old."

Colquitt might not be 'that old', but with 80 regular-season and seven postseason game appearances under his belt after seven years with the Broncos, the punter has more than enough experience to help lead the group of young specialists.

"I try to lead by example," said Colquitt. "I've got to really work hard, show what it means to be a pro. I'm still learning that. I still look for more ways that I can do things to make me a better player and just try to lead by example."

With the addition of first-year Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis, Colquitt's experience is invaluable to the specialists. His professionalism and attitude hasn't gone unnoticed by DeCamillis.

"The biggest thing is… you want to see to a pro... and I think he is," said DeCamillis of his first impressions of Colquitt. "He's done a great job so far. It's a different system for him, it's a little bit different – what we're asking him to do - and he's bought in completely so far. So we've got to keep him on that path and so far he's been hitting the ball excellent."

The franchise career leader in gross (45.5) and net (39.0) punting average, Colquitt is already feeling comfortable under the direction of DeCamillis. 

"It's going really good, he's a great guy, a great coach obviously, he's been around a lot of years, so he knows what he's doing," said Colquitt. "With us, the specialists in particular, he's big on working and looking at film and stuff like that and that's something that at our position you could easily get away from. 

"He's a coach who's there pushing you, but also is cool off the field and just a fun guy to be around. So I think he's definitely going to make an impact and guys are already starting to buy into his ideas."

Each year as a Bronco, Colquitt not only gains more experience, but also becomes more comfortable. When asked what differences he's noticed this offseason in comparison to 2014, Colquitt says it hit him this year that Denver feels like home.

"I feel like now that I've been in Denver going on seven years, its feels more like home," said Colquitt. "Like I'm a real part of this organization, whereas before, you're kind of just hoping. It's not that I'm complacent, I just feel like I have more pride in this team and more of a reason to want to help us to do well and win."

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