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TWMF: Fans share touching stories

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We lead off our next roundup of Together We Make Football submissions with one that made it to the big-time on NBC's Today Show. The Longmont High School football team in Colorado devotes a day to community service, helping local foundations with hands-on hard work, showing how football can make an impact off the field.

Our next selection is a powerful story of how football remains a foundation in one man's life. Through the toughest of times, Jon's love of football has been something he can always come back to when he needs a reminder that life will go on. It's also been there for him in better times, helping form great bonds with his children.

Joetta tells us a touching story about her father, who instilled a love of football in her from an early age. When he passed away in 1996, that love for the game became a stronger bond between her and the memory of her father. When she found out that her father had shared a love for a different sport with each of his daughters, making that connection to the NFL all the more powerful for her.

The final selection in this edition comes from John and his family, all Broncos fans. He became a fan in the '70s when Craig Morton was under center and made a 400-mile trek years ago when John Elway and Dan Marino played in a preseason game. Since that time, he and his family have spread their Broncos love throughout their family.

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