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'The optimal time': Loren Landow ready for opportunity with Broncos

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — In retrospect, the timing wasn't right for Loren Landow.

Seven years ago, he interviewed to be the Broncos' strength coach.

Seven years ago, he could have earned the job he now holds today.

But as Landow explains during a rare off-moment during his first week working with the players at UCHealth Training Center, "things happen for a reason at certain times."

"Looking back on it," Landow says, "I wasn't ready."

That's no longer the case.

"I think I understand people a lot better," Landow says. "I understand that leading is about relationships, and the stronger and better relationships [I have] with the players and the coaches, the easier it's going to be."

Landow started that process through his work at Landow Performance. While there, he built relationships with Olympic athletes, Major League Baseball players — and many Broncos.

Players like defensive end Derek Wolfe have relied on Landow's training to keep them in shape in the offseason. Now, they're able to work with him on a more permanent basis.

That's made Landow's job easier, too.

"In the players' meeting, it was amazing," Landow says. "To be able to walk into a room and see so many familiar faces, for me, I think it makes the buy-in a lot easier for the other players who don't know me. It can help trickle down to those other guys who don't quite understand or [aren't] really aware of my philosophies yet."

Those philosophies have been a long time in the making.

After he was given the "full go-ahead" at age 15 to play sports following a childhood struggle with asthma, Landow dove into sports.

Ready to put in place the physical foundation for the upcoming season, the Broncos got back in the weight room as a team on Tuesday. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

"The second I got the go-ahead, it was sports, it was working out, everything I could do, because I was suppressed for so long," Landow says. "For me, it was a no-brainer that it was a field I was going to go into."

And once he made that determination, there was little doubt in his mind he would eventually want to work at the pinnacle of the sport.

"When you're in this industry," Landow says, "at some point in time, it really strikes a chord with you that down the road, I really would like to get to that highest level. For me it was never a timeline, it was never a landmark, but it was something that I felt would definitely be on the radar down the road.

"Sure enough, seven years ago it wasn't the right time. And now, it's the optimal time."

Now that he's earned the role he first considered years ago, he says he'll bring a mentality that's consistent with Head Coach Vance Joseph's message of accountability.

"I like to believe that what I say I'm going to do, I do," Landow says. "I like to think that I hold people accountable. I think I'm tough but I'm fair.

"And I think that the players, in time, will understand that I'm 100 percent for them."

The Broncos were back at UCHealth Training Center on Monday as the 2018 offseason programming officially got underway. (Photos: Caroline Deisley)

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