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The best moments from Bradley Chubb's conversation with Broncos Country

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — As an increasing number of people are staying at home in the wake of COVID-19, Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb provided some entertainment.

On Tuesday morning, Chubb took over the Broncos' Instagram and hosted a 12-minute conversation with Broncos Country.

During the wide-ranging session, Chubb answered questions about his new teammates, the game he's most looking forward to, his rehab and much more.

These were Chubb's best answers during his Q&A with Broncos fans:


Chubb said he continues to rehab "every day" as he works his way back from a 2019 ACL injury. He has joined Head Athletic Trainer Vince Garcia at UCHealth Training Center to make sure his recovery stays on the proper timeline.

"It's just us here every day making sure we're doing the right things to stay clean, stay safe and get the rehab in so there's no setbacks for the upcoming year," Chubb said.

Soon enough, Chubb should be able to rejoin his teammates on the field.

"I'm excited to be a part of it," Chubb said. "I'm excited to get back. … [I'm] rushing in my head and doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing to get back on that field. I'm excited to join this defense once again. They finished the year off strong. It was hard watching it from the sideline, but at the end of the day, they did what they had to do, and now it's going to be my time to come in and do what I have to do."


Asked which of his teammates was handling quarantine the best, Chubb pointed to linebacker Alexander Johnson.

"He might change from dinosaur to human every now and then, so he's probably having fun with that," Chubb said. "I don't know what he's doing, but hopefully he's staying safe. That's my guy."

Chubb's answer for which teammate is having the toughest time staying at home might be obvious.

"Probably Von. He likes to be out and about and have fun, and probably being in the house is killing him," Chubb said. "It's killing me, so I know it's killing him."


After a year off, Chubb has some new sack dances prepared for when he gets back to the quarterback.

"I've got a couple," Chubb said. "I had a year off to think about some stuff, so I've got all the dance moves in the arsenal. [I've] just got to wait to pull them out."

Chubb said he has a special dance prepared if he takes down the quarterback when the Broncos travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to play the Panthers. He attended college in nearby Raleigh.

He also said he's most excited about playing the Falcons in 2020. Chubb grew up in Atlanta.


Chubb seems to have high expectations for second-year quarterback Drew Lock, who will enter the season as the team's starter.

"Lock is ready to go off," Chubb said. "I'm excited to see what he's been doing. I'm excited to see how he reacts to a new offensive coordinator and a new system, [and] just to see how that takes his game from [his] rookie year to [his] second year. A lot of guys have that huge jump, and he came back and went 4-1. I'm excited to see how he does."


After the Broncos added Jurrell Casey, A.J. Bouye, Graham Glasgow and (reportedly) Melvin Gordon over the past few days, Chubb is bullish on the Broncos' chances in 2020.

"I'm going to say we're going to do great," Chubb said. "I feel like we have all the pieces in place, and we still have the draft coming up to fill some of those pieces that the GM and head coach feel like we need. So, at the end of the day, we're going to be in position to win a championship. I feel like that wholeheartedly, and we've just got to go out there and play to the best of our abilities, and I feel like we can."


Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is headed to Tampa, and Chubb said he's excited to see what the talented player can do for the Buccaneers.

"Tom Brady is one of the best to ever do it at the quarterback position," Chubb said. "It's cool to see him get … a new start, and it's going to be fun to see what he does with it in Tampa. They've got a lot of good pieces around him, so it's going to be fun to see what they do in the NFC South." 

The Broncos are scheduled to host the Bucs in 2020.


Asked whether he was happier about the trade for Bouye or Casey, Chubb refused to give an answer.

"They both help me, so I can't actually say anything," Chubb said. "I'm going to have to go with a tie, because at the end of the day, Jurrell's going to be on that line with me rushing, and A.J.'s going to be holding those guys so that we can get to the quarterback. So to be honest with you, I can't say who's the best one. They're both going to equally benefit from this defense, and I feel like it's going to be a fun ride."

Chubb should benefit from both Casey's inside push and Bouye's coverage on the outside.


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