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That's What They Said: Giants HC Ben McAdoo and QB Eli Manning

On getting new receivers up to speed:


BM:** "It takes a little bit of time but they've been here. They're guys that know the system, that have been around here and have spent some time here. A couple guys that we brought back, one on the practice squad and one for the active roster. [Giants WR] Darius [Powe] and [WR Tavarres King], they've spent some time here in the past for a couple of years, so they're familiar with the system. We're going to take it slow, just fast as we can."

EM: "I think the good thing is, most of them were here during training camp. Tavarres King's been with us the last couple years and played for us in the regular season, caught some touchdowns. Roger Lewis played all last year, played this year. A few other guys have been here on the practice squad, so they know the system, they know the plays and the routes and the concepts. I've thrown routes with them, so it's not brand new for them. And so they should be able to hop in there, play fast, know their assignments and I think that's what you want. When you start getting brand-new guys or a new system, that's when it's tough. They're kind of learning on the run, but I think we've got our whole offense. We can go play and play fast."

On the rash of injuries last weekend:


BM:** "I've been around for a lot of football. Fortunately, I'm young, but I have some miles on me. No I haven't seen anything like that and hope I never do again."

EM: "We've got to keep working. That's all you can do. We've got a game to get ready for, we've got some new guys on offense who we've got to get up to speed. So, uh, have a great gameplan, go out there — I thought we had a good practice today, and just go out there, compete our tails off and try to get a win."

On facing Miller:

BM: "Von is a talented player. His first step is tremendous. He has anticipation from the line of scrimmage. He's fast and explosive. Strong, gifted and he works hard. He's a tough matchup for any tackle in this league or any tight end in this league. We'll have to pick our spots with our tackles, how to drop back and throw it and probably give him some help at times. He's a tremendous challenge to block, especially in his own building."

EM:Von is obviously a tremendous player and does a great job getting to the quarterback, stopping the run [at] full speed. You have to keep an eye on him, make sure he's not taking over the game. I've seen it first hand. ... We've just got to make sure we're aware of where he is and do a good job, if possible, of getting two guys on him."

On what they see from Siemian:


BM:** "You see a guy that from Year 1 to Year 2 (by) playing his confidence has gone up. You see a little more rhythm in his body, you see his instincts coming out – his natural instincts coming out. I like the way he moves in the pocket with his eyes downfield. He's not afraid to take some chances and play aggressive in the play-action game, which I think is important in this league. You can't play scared. He's done a tremendous job."

EM: "I haven't seen a whole lot of Trevor. We haven't played a team that they've played. I guess I saw a little bit of the Chargers game. I think he played well, has made some good throws. They're winning some games, so it seems like he's playing good football right now."

On losing the first five games of the season:

BM: "Listen, we're preparing to win a game this week. We're excited at the opportunity to come out and play a prime-time game on a big stage versus a quality opponent. We want to show what we can do. We've been in some close ball games here. The last three have come down to the last possession. We're just excited to come out and compete."

EM: "Every game is different. Every game's got its own reasoning. We just haven't played well enough. We've done some good things. We've played in some close games. We've had opportunities, we just haven't made some plays at certain times to win football games. You expect games in this league are going to go into the fourth quarter, and you've got to make more plays than the other team in that period."

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