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That's What He Said: Titans Postgame



On how he felt in his first game back since his surgery

"I felt great, I really did. It was great to be back. I had a good week as far as practicing and the energy level and all that. I feel outstanding. It's great to be back, I really forgot how fun that was."

On if he's feeling better

"Yeah. As I mentioned to a lot of guys during the week, I actually feel about 130 percent better than I did a month ago. That's just the nature of what I went through. I'm probably stronger as far as that area than I was before. I'll just continue to be stronger."

On the 64-yard NFL record-setting field goal by K Matt Prater

"I knew if we kicked it well that it would be a record. We've got a lot of confidence in Matt's leg. You always kind of dream of that opportunity occurring and then being able to kick it. In those conditions, it was really pretty miraculous. It was a great kick. I'm sure everybody in the stadium as well as everyone in the stadium was thinking about the play that happened in college football not that long ago. That was a concern. But he nailed it. We just got done giving him a game ball for breaking that record."


On today's game

"Threw the ball pretty well. On offense, I felt like we had a pretty good plan early. Two weeks in a row, we found ourselves down 7-0. Then they got the kickoff return, which was similar to last week. Guys did a good job staying calm on the sideline and executing the plan. [K] Matt [Prater's] kick at the end of the half was awesome. I'm really happy for him. Really just a momentum boost for us. It felt like even though we were down one, it was tied or almost like we had the lead. To get that field goal and get points knowing we were going to get the ball at the beginning of the second half I thought was really critical."

On throwing 59 times today

"You never plan for 95 plays. Defense had about 45 plays and they settled down and did a good job on third down getting them off the field. We had a lot of first downs. I don't know how many, but we were first-down, second-down, first-down. When you're in that kind of rhythm it puts a lot of pressure on the defense. It doesn't give them a chance to even get to their third-down packages. It helped us to move the ball down the field. We ran the ball well and I thought the line protected well against a good Titans pass rush. That was really critical."

On how he feels right now about the offense

"Well, you score 51 points, so you're doing something right. We'll study the film, even in this short week, and we'll look at a couple of the red zones where, 'Hey, what could we have done better to get into the end zone?" You're down there that close inside the two or three-yard line, I want to say maybe twice, and had to settle for field goals. Those are points left on the board. There are still a lot of things we're doing well. But you study each game individually, and it's about doing it each week and we've got a short turnaround – 95 plays is probably not the best scenario for a Thursday night game and we took some injuries and we're not sure how that's going to affect us. I'm not a fan of Thursday games for this reason alone. But we've got to deal with it and we're playing a division opponent who we had a close game against the last time and now we've got them here at home."


On what he thought the cold-weather win meant to QB Peyton Manning

"I'm sure he's tired of hearing it, he's been playing so great all season, he's been playing great his entire career and just to hear people nitpicking about something like the cold; for him to be able to come out there and put 50 on the board and put that whole cold thing to bed, I'm sure he'll be happy to see that behind him tomorrow."

On him being healthy for the upcoming game vs. San Diego

"Yeah, I didn't do anything to aggravate it or anything like that, so I'm sure I'll be ready to go Thursday."

On if there was any doubt when they were down in the first half

"Oh never. We know what we have the capability and potential to do, if we're executing. All year we've been proving that if we get things going, we can be explosive and put points up on that scoreboard." LB VON MILLER

On being pleased with the Broncos performance today

"It was great – [a] good team effort. We had guys swarming to the ball, had guys all around them and just a great team effort. [It was a] great defensive effort. I wish we could have started off a little bit faster, but that's all part of the journey of becoming the defense that we want to be. I know if we can get back in that lab and keep working that we will continue to improve."

On the Broncos getting down early then making a come back

"That's just part of it. I wish we could write it a little bit different. I wish we caused six turnovers in the first quarter on defense and do all this amazing stuff and I think we are on our way doing that stuff. We just have to continue to take it one play at a time. We started slow today, but this is the NFL and you have good teams every week. Hopefully we can iron out the kinks and get ready for a good San Diego team next week."

On forcing two turnovers that were converted into touchdowns

"Yeah, it was a good defensive effort. Our DB's were covering wide receivers [and our] linebackers and defensive line we did what we needed to do and we were able to create some turnovers."

DT TERRANCE KNIGHTON On being the first Broncos defensive lineman to have an interception since DT Kevin Vickerson in 2010

"He (Vickerson) let me know about it. He told me that he had more return yards than me. I'm not worried about the return part, I'm worried about catching it. That's the easy part, let the offense score after that."

On LB Von Miller saying that he always claims he has hands like a wide receiver

"I do. I was an all-state wide receiver in high school. Hands are something you don't lose. I might have lost the route running and the speed and all that stuff but the hands, I still got those."

On this game being like the Kansas City game

"We were thrown in some adverse situations there at first and we need to find a way to hold them to field goals there and not give them momentum, but I'm just happy how we finished. We finished strong enough to get a W and let our offense get on the field more."


On if he knew his 64-yard field goal was going in when he kicked it

"It was so cold, I knew I hit it pretty good but I wasn't sure with the cold and everything it was going to get there. I saw the ref's hands go up and I can't even explain what I felt after."

On if the kick gave them momentum going into the half

"Yeah, it definitely did. [P] Britton [Colquitt] and I were joking about it at halftime, I said to him 'Aren't we still down by one right now?' But we came back and had a good second half."

On the team's reaction to his record-breaking 64-yard field goal

"It was awesome, because the whole team almost rushed the field after that kick, so it was definitely a momentum swing and I'm just happy I had the chance to kick it."


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