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That's What He Said: Raiders Postgame


On the injury report"Alright, update on the injury report: [CB] Tony Carter, left the game with a right ankle (injury), did not return. [LB] Paris Lenon, same thing with a thigh bruise or strain – not sure exactly – it's his left thigh. And then [S] Duke Ihenacho, kind of tweaked that right ankle that was a little sore on him last week. We just pulled him out to kind of save that ankle."

On how he felt about the rushing yardage"I think on both sides. They came in as the leading rushing team in the NFL and our group was the No. 1 rushing defense in the league. I thought defensively we really answered the bell versus the run this time out. They're very capable, with a big physical offensive line. [RB Darren] McFadden has been a thorn in our side for some time over the last couple of years anyways. So that was pretty good. I thought offensively, I think we were up there with better rush average, I think we were 5.0 [yards per] carry. We still have a couple of ball security problems – one on a sack-fumble, and the other just laying it on the ground on the other. But I think finishing a minus-two [turnover margin] and still able to find a way to win the game was good. The guys answered the bell well that way."

On QB Peyton Manning's performance"Yeah, I think again, he was well along pretty good once we got started a year ago. I think he has, again, got started where he left off last year and improved on that. We added some weapons, I think personnel-wise our guys have brought in some guys that have helped us. And he's an incredible player as far as the way he prepares and e communicates things to his teammates."


On whether he feels as good as he ever has as a quarterback"I can't say that. This is a new season. It's one week at a time. I don't have a great comparison to other years. But, guys are making good plays in the passing game and we are doing a good job getting yards after the catch. That makes a big difference. [WR] Eric [Decker], [WR] Wes [Welker], [WR Demaryius Thomas] 'D.T.' – catching some short passes – Eric's, that was like an 18-yard comeback, but to break that tackle and take it for 50-60 yards – those are the types of plays that really help the drives get going."

On not throwing an interception yet in 2013"Just good play-calling. Trying to make good, smart, sound decisions. I think guys are doing a good job getting open on time. I think guys have a good clock in their head about when to come out of the break versus different coverages. Protection has been good, so it gives you a chance to see the field and try to throw accurate footballs."

On if the offense is where he expected it to be three weeks into the season"I still think we can correct some things. Our defense did a good job holding their offense. When we have those chances down in the red zone, third-and-1, to have to settle for – to get stopped and have to settle for a field goal on that one drive. And then just had a couple of – had the sack-fumble – you're not looking to play the perfect game. You're looking to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. I thought we left a couple of maybe touchdowns out there tonight. Those are things we can fix, which you're going to need those in a game at certain points of a season. But just got to keep emphasizing protecting the ball and eliminate some penalties I thought early in the game. I think we do a good job of overcoming those penalties from time-to-time, but I still think there is plenty we can improve on. I really do."


On getting a win"Definitely happy with a win. We'll definitely Take a win any time we can get one, but like I said, we gave up too many points. We've got to stop that leakage football."

On the way the linebacker swarm the ball"Oh man, we're all competing. We all want to be the leading tackler on the team and who makes the biggest plays. I think that's something our linebacker corps is. We're tight, we're close, we're like brothers this year. That's something that we've really never had."

On whether he was serious when he said he was disappointed with the result"Yes, I am, absolutely. 21 points is way too many points."

On turnovers setting the defense up in tough spots"Still, it doesn't matter if they get the ball on the one-inch yard line. It's our job to stop them and we didn't do that in the fourth quarter."


On the plays he wishes he could have back from the game"They hit us with the little trick play at the end. And then one play I gave up on an over-route. So those plays really ticked me off. But I'm going to learn from it and keep pushing. It was a good win tonight. We challenged those guys. It wasn't our best game, but we played well. We did well on third down. We stopped the run. All we have to do is continue to build from that and keep getting better."

On whether having ups and downs in a game helps the defense learn about itself"Yeah. You know, you never want to go out there and try to play perfect. Whatever happens, good or bad, it's move on. You can't harp or get mad about whatever happens – you've got to move on and keep working. The good thing about it is that we got a win today and we'll look at the film and correct it."

On winning despite mistakes"It was a good performance. I don't want to say this wasn't our best game. I mean, defensively, we played well. There were a few plays that we shouldn't have given up. But today was a good day. We got off on third down. We stopped the run. Whenever you win, you do something right. That's a good football team, we take our hats off to the Raiders. They're improving, man."


On whether he's surprised at the offense making it look "easy""No, we put in a lot of work. We practice and we work hard every day. We still have a lot to work on, and that's kind of scary."

On whether he likes seeing Mitch Unrein block for him"Oh yeah. I was looking at it — the dude didn't even want any part of Mitch. He kind of dove at his leg. I was like, 'OK.' So you just take it in."

On his long run that set up the touchdown"It was a quick draw, trying to keep them off balance. They did a great job opening holes and I found a lane and just did my best."


On starting fast"That is a big thing that we stressed, is to start fast. Any time you can start fast, put some points on the board, it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. I thought we did a great job of playing all four quarters and really finishing the game."

On the different offensive weapons"Of course, I think that is the great thing about the skill players, the receivers that we have. It is a very unselfish room. Whether it is two catches one game, nine the other – it doesn't matter as long as we are winning. Our goal here is to win a championship. From a standpoint of the first game for me, it's just being reliable. It's not dropping those passes – I don't care if it is three or six, but you catch everything you get. "

On Manning's performance to start the year"He's playing all right (laughing). He's playing OK. All I can say is that it is really amazing to play with a guy of his ability and his leadership. We win games during the week at practice. He makes sure we're on top of things so when Sunday comes, it is easier. I appreciate the work that he does for us."