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That's What He Said: Manning, Ware


On Day One of the offseason conditioning program
"I thought it was a good start given what we're allowed to do weight room-wise and meeting-wise. I thought it was a good start in the weight room and a good start in the meeting room as well."

On what he wants the Broncos' identity to be
"I don't know if it has to be the same or different. I want it to be an identity that helps us win football games. I think it's hard to say what it is going to be at this point. Our full roster has certainly not been decided. The draft is—when is the draft now? It's like in September now (laughing), they moved it back. We still probably need to see who we are based on who the personnel is, I think you form the identity from that. I think it is OTAs, it's definitely training camp and obviously it'd be nice to have it somewhere around the beginning of the season, but even before, I think you can develop it throughout the course of the season—what really works for you. Now we're analyzing plays that worked last year, what plays didn't work and how that can affect our offense this season."

On his health

View photos of the offense's first group workout of the 2014 offseason at Dove Valley.

"I feel pretty good, I do. It's always nice when you get a clean bill of health in your physicals. Plural—I have to take a couple of them each offseason, but it is nice when they say you are cleared to play and when you feel good about what is going on in the weight room with [Strength and Conditioning Coach] Luke [Richesson] and the workouts. So, hopefully can keep that up."

On how he can improve on last season's performance
"Like I said, it is still a new season. There are a lot of players that are no longer here anymore. And so, the draft choices that we're going to have—it is up to you to be a productive quarterback for these new players. Last year doesn't mean anything to the players that weren't here. It is doing a lot of the same things, as far as preparation standpoint—keeping yourself physically in shape so you can be a good player for [WR Emmanuel] Sanders, our new receiver, draft choices we make. So, I think you find a way to find something that you weren't as successful at last year, you're studying these cutups and I can be a little better there at the same time continuing to be good at the things that were productive for you last season."

On whether there might be any tweaks to the offense this year
"It is certainly possible. I know the coaches are excited to see some of our new players—Emmanuel Sanders and we've had some other guys we've added in free agency—a lot of them on defense, obviously. Then, the draft—you just don't know who is going to be available when we pick and whether we're going to pick on offense or defense early in the rounds or whatnot. I think it's hard to say at this point, depending on who our personnel are going to be. I think it is very wide open at this point as to what kind of offense we are going to have based on the personnel because it is still up in the air at this point."

On what he learned about Sanders throwing to him at Duke University
"He is explosive. You can't hold the ball very long when he is running a route, I learned that. He is excited about being here. Obviously, it is fun to play with guys who are excited about being here with the Denver Broncos. In the studies that I kind of did on him, I saw that he led their team in tackles on kickoff team one year. That tells you the guy likes football. That is more than just being a receiver; that is being a football player. I know he's eager to learn. I know he was excited to get started today where he is allowed to meet with the coaches and learn the offense. I look forward to playing with a guy like that. I think he'll be a really nice addition to our football team."

On whether he's had a chance to reflect on the record-setting offense last season
"Certainly when you are studying the film—and I've been watching some film on my own before we got here—you certainly realize that there were a lot of positive things that occurred last year. A lot of guys that played really well, that played at a high, high level. It was a fun ride to be a part of. During this time, you're finding the way, how can we duplicate that and be even better and win even more games and cut down on any type of mistakes. So, you're trying to keep that edge and at the same time, there is no question there are a lot of positive things—how can we duplicate those and be even better if possible."


On the biggest challenge joining a new team
"The biggest challenge is not knowing where to go when you have construction everywhere. I got lost this morning. I'm glad there's no snow, but after that, the guys, they welcome you in and that's what team is about. Knowing that guys don't know exactly what is going on—the schedule—and guys really picking each other up and getting through everything."

On meeting teammates for the first time
"I've met a couple of guys already. I met [QB] Peyton [Manning], I met [LB] Von Miller and [WR] Wes Welker—we're are really close and so really got into the defensive line room this morning, had meetings and we were joking around. We did a couple things we needed to do to really get ready for the season and we worked out. You can really see that the guys really want it and they know that they have that bad tastes in their mouths from last season and I know that is motivating them."

On rushing opposite of a player like Miller
"I'm excited about it. Playing defensive end, you always get a lot of the grunt work, especially when it comes to pass rush and getting double-teamed. But if he comes back where he needs to be, you can't double-team both of us, especially with the big guys in the middle. Those guys are going to be holding it down, getting the pressure in the middle of the pocket. We're just really ready to play. I'm looking forward to just playing with all the guys and just keep it rolling."

On playing against the Broncos' offense in 2013
"The offense is very simple, but that doesn't mean anything when they're executing. They execute to the point where they don't make any mistakes. In this game, you really look at fumbles, forced fumbles—they don't [turn] the ball over. They don't fumble at all. I think that's what it all boils down to, how consistent [QB] Peyton [Manning] gets the ball up and down the field. And that's what we're trying to do on defense."

On his health
"I'm good, actually. I rehab every day. I'm not 100 percent—I would say about 94 percent (laughing)—but I'm ready to play and get after it this season."

On whether he has felt the altitude
"It was the first time I've ever put on one of those pulse watches, and my pulse was like 170. I was like, 'What? Are you kidding me?' It's different, but after that your body adjusts to it. I know the teams that come here, I know exactly what they feel like now, and I won't be one of those guys."

On the team focusing on a championship
"Everything is all about details when it comes to football. When you have everything in place, it really doesn't matter. It comes to the small things of guys really wanting it, the mistakes that you make and it starts this offseason with just working out and guys really giving it their all. That carries over into the season."

On whether he has researched Hall of Fame pass rushers late in their careers"Actually, I have. Actually, they got a little bit more consistent in what they were doing. I actually talked to Michael Strahan and he tells me, 'You know what? You've got to make sure you're lean. Make sure you're able to run, because your body now is a totally different deal once you hit the 30s. So you've got to make sure you're able to stay out there on the field and you have the endurance.' That's what I'm trying to do now."

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