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That's What He Said: Jaguars Postgame

Head Coach John Fox

On the injury report"Quick update on the injuries – Orlando Franklin, right tackle, left the game with a left knee. Sylvester Williams, defensive tackle, left the game, did not return with a neck injury.

On if even though they won by 16 points they feel dissatisfied with this game"I think it's just noise on the outside to be real honest with you. I think all these games are hard. I've heard people tell me it looks easy – there is nothing about it that's easy. It's all hard. I'm just pleased that we're sitting here 6-0 and getting two games away from the bye week. All of our focus is on Indianapolis coming up soon."

On CB Champ Bailey coming back"I think our guys felt his leadership. When you're out there playing the game, you need a calming effect. Champ definitely gives that to our defense, especially with [LB] Wesley Woodyard not out there, really for two weeks in a row. It was very exciting to have him back."

Quarterback Peyton Manning

On there not being any easy games in the NFL"They are not and never have thought there were. It was a good win. We'll learn a lot from the film. There were some good things and certainly some things we can correct. Some mistakes – a bad decision to throw on the interception giving them the touchdown. I pulled out on a snap early under center, caused that fumble and then Manny had a low one on the shotgun play down there. Three turnovers as tough and then just had some things that we just didn't execute as well. (There were) some good things as well that we can learn from and that's what we have to do."

On if the focus dwindled after taking a 14-0 lead"Yeah, I think our focus is there. Sometimes I guess when you don't have a good drive you could point to anything. I've never noticed a lack of focus. Just the execution wasn't as sharp. I wasn't as sharp on a couple of decisions – certainly on the interception, that was a bad decision, just a complete force. The fumbled snap was just a mental error on my part. And then, but there were some good drives in there, in that second half coming out of halftime that were better. But certainly, I guess after 14-0 there were some things that we didn't do well, but Jacksonville did some things that made it tough for us. They had some good defensive plays on first and second downs, which put in some third-and-longs and we had to throw short, for whatever the reason was we weren't able to convert it. Got to give them credit as well."

On RB Knowshon Moreno"Knowshon was huge. His red-zone running was huge. I thought the running game got going a little bit better second half. We had better first and second-down production. And then he caught the ball well. We had a couple incompletions on first down. That's been kind of rare for us. We have been really good on first and second-down completions. Talk about staying in phase, we had some first and second-down incompletions which made it more difficult for us on third down. Knowshon was awesome, especially down there in the red zone."

Wide Receiver Wes Welker

On having tough wins the past two weeks"I think it's big for us to understand that every game is going to be tough and we got to come regroup at halftime and put it all together. Put it all together all 60 minutes and be on top of what we need to do. I'm proud of the way we came out there and played, especially in the second half and really the way we started the game. There was a lot of bad football out there and we got to correct that stuff and get better next time."

On the team's expectations"Obviously we're happy about a win. Any win you can get in this league you got to be happy about it and the Jaguars, they fought their butts off and they played hard until the end and you got to commend them with the way they played. For us there's a lot of mistakes out there that we have to get better at and be better going forward."

On facing Indianapolis next week and QB Peyton Manning's first game back in Indianapolis"I think we just have to not worry about it and really just focus on us and what we need to do to get better and get with the game plan and get on top of everything and make sure we're ready to go."

Running Back Knowshon Moreno

On the Jaguars defensive attack"Anyway we had a chance to get some points on the board we were doing it. They had not too many people in the box, so we were able to run it at times, they were still doing a great job stopping the run."

On running with more authority"No, I still feel the same. Just going out there and competing every week against really good opponents."

On what grade he would give the offense"Like a C. A 'C' is good enough. It was good enough today but it's not good enough to win games down the road. They played a really good game all day and we made some mistakes. There is still a lot that we have to fix."

Defensive End Malik Jackson

On the Denver defense struggling until he made three-straight tackles-for-loss including two sacks"Well, first play we went out there and what happened that first play? (media answers, "sack") Yea of course, I forgot what happened. Then the second play we had a great call by Coach Del Rio, I did my job and made the play. The third play, I had the second sack and [DE] Shaun Phillips just made a great play and I came around and got the sack so I really got to give thanks to Shaun Phillips. "

On if he has ever had a more productive series"No. No I really haven't, this is my first time really going out there and performing like that. The greats keep it up and I'm just trying to keep it up and keep working and get many performances like that.  "

On if his first career-sack last week was the breakthrough leading to his performance today"Yeah, you know because I've been working really hard this week and this season to get those sacks and they kept slipping out of my hands. Last week was the first one and hopefully they just keep falling in my lap."

Cornerback Champ Bailey

On finally getting back out there into a game"It was a tough challenge, I'll tell you that. It definitely wasn't a cake walk. It was challenging, but I got one under my belt and I feel good going forward."

On if he was in game shape coming into today"As far as my lunges, I was good. I'm in great shape as far as that goes, the thing is just getting out there and getting your technique to work. There are a couple things I can work on and I'll look at the tape, evaluate myself and see what I can do better."

On managing the pain in his foot and if it aggravated him today"Well, my foot is not the only thing that's going to aggravate me, that's just how this game is. You're never going to get over these things completely, but it's something I can deal with and it didn't affect my performance so that's why I feel good about it."