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Sundays with Sacco: By the numbers

Every Denver Broncos fan is giddy over the 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, and this is one of those special times when we can all take a little extra time to howl at the moon before looking toward the next season.

So just for fun, I thought we would go by the numbers for another look at the wonderful, magical World Championship season that just concluded.

Get a look at some of the best photos from the Broncos victory and World Championship at Super Bowl 50!

0 - Number of field goal attempts missed by Brandon McManus in postseason play.

1 - The first World Championship for Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips, as well as Peyton Manning becoming the first quarterback to lead two teams to Super Bowl titles.

2 - John Elway and the NBA's Jerry West are the only two people to win a World Championship with the same team as both player and general manager.

3 - This was John Elway's third World Championship with the Broncos.

8 - This was the Broncos' eighth trip to the Super Bowl, tying for the most ever with three other franchises.

9 - Elway, Head Coach Gary Kubiak and Manning have nine World Championships between them. Also, the Broncos are now one of nine teams to win three or more Super Bowls in NFL history.

14 - Manning now has 14 postseason wins.

17 - Manning threw 17 interceptions this year in the regular season, along with nine touchdowns. Those are both exactly the same numbers Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers had in 1967 when he led the Pack to victory in the first Super Bowl game, 50 years ago. An amazing coincidence.

18 - The number of Super Bowls Elway, Kubiak and Manning have been in, collectively.

20 - The number of wins Elway has been a part of in postseason play, as player and general manager.

23 - The number of wins Kubiak has been a part of in postseason play, as player, assistant coach and head coach.

32 - The number of the Broncos' first World Championship, Super Bowl XXXII.

33 - The number of the Broncos' second World Championship, Super Bowl XXXIII.

43 - The combined number of postseason wins that Elway and Kubiak have.

44 - The number of points given up by Denver to Pittsburgh, New England and Carolina in the 2015 postseason, combined.

50 - Super Bowl 50. Also, that is the number of states that have Denver Broncos season ticket holders.

57 - The combined number of postseason wins for Elway, Kubiak and Manning.

200 - The fourth quarter of Super Bowl 50 was the 200th quarter in the 50-year history of the game, and when it was over, Manning had his 200th career win, regular and postseason combined — the most ever.

900 - Amazingly, by freakish coincidence, this was exactly my 900th live game. I saw my first Broncos game in 1964 became a season ticket holder, and of course worked all the home and road games during my career. It is amazing to me that number 900 was a victory in Super Bowl 50.

1 million - This was the estimated number of fans who attended the Broncos' victory parade.

111.9 million - This is the total estimated number of viewers who watched the Broncos' Super Bowl victory on television.

2 many to count: Number of fans in Broncos Country.

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