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Shane Ray making progress, eager for camp


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** Shane Ray's foot injury hindered his combine process but surgery was deemed unnecessary and the Broncos jumped at the opportunity to draft a player with his talent, confident that he would heal quickly.

And on Wednesday, Ray confirmed that his injury has become little more than an afterthought for him.

"My foot feels great. I feel like 100 percent," he said Wednesday morning from the practice facility. "It's not even something that comes to mind when I'm performing or doing anything on the field anymore, so that's really good for me."

Ray had progressed during OTAs and minicamp with limited participation, working his way up to 7-on-7 repetitions. When the offseason program wrapped up and players left town to work out on their own and get in rest before training camp, some stayed in Denver to work with the training staff or rehab.

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Though he still does preventative exercises to ensure he doesn't have any setbacks, at this point Ray says he has shed restrictions on what he can do.

"I don't think I have any limits, actually. I do everything," Ray said. "I'm full go in everything in the weight room and I'm full go in everything on the field."

One of the things that Ray said he was doing to help get a better understanding of things despite limitations in practices during OTAs and minicamp was peppering DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller with questions. After all, it might be hard to think of two better people to learn from if you're a young outside linebacker.

For Ray, that duo is especially helpful because of their differing skill sets and he gave a bit more detail on what he's been able to glean from each of them.

"DeMarcus is very technically sound because he has that veteran experience. He sees things a little bit different," Ray said. "And Von is more so just a pure athlete: reaction, getting off the ball and being able to do things on the stop of a dime.

"So to be able to kind of combine both of those and to what I do and to be able to see from both of their perspectives on how they pass rush, it's been a lot of help because I can say something like 'Hey, DeMarcus, what were you thinking here?' and he'll be like, 'OK, this is what you should try,' and I'll try it. And then I'll ask Von, 'OK, what were you seeing here?' And so it's basically you're combining two different guys' kind of pass rush and using the things you learn from both of them, adding it to your game and of course it's just making me better because I have tools that I'm gaining from both of them."

And when training camp gets underway in about three weeks, Ray will finally be able to incorporate all that he's learned from Miller and Ware.

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