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Seven Broncos land in Grantland's top 100

NFL Network's Top 100 player rankings may not have been as kind to the Broncos' cornerbacks, but Grantland's Bill Barnwell has both of the Broncos' starters in his rankings, just two of seven players from the team to make the list.

Beginning at No. 87 and finishing at No. 5, the following Broncos appeared in the rankings: DeMarcus Ware (87), Louis Vasquez (81), Chris Harris Jr. (62), Aqib Talib (61), Demaryius Thomas (33), Von Miller (15) and Peyton Manning (5).

With seven players in the ranking, the Broncos had the second-most of any team on the list, second behind the Seahawks with eight.

Barnwell lays out a few ground rules in his evaluation process, including that players are evaluated based not only on performance but also on the value of their positions, that contracts are not part of the evaluation, that durability isn't a huge factor.

In particular, Vasquez, Harris and Talib are notable because they were absent on the NFL Network ranking.

Barnwell thinks Vasquez can his 2013 form when he returns to guard after playing tackle in 2014. Looking at Vasquez's base beyond last season, Barnwell sees a top-100 lineman who can make a big impact in the Broncos' new blocking scheme.

Like many Broncos fans, Barnwell was taken aback to see neither Denver cornerback make the NFLN Top 100. Putting it concisely, Barnewell said: "I'm not sure how neither of Denver's Pro Bowl-caliber cornerbacks made it onto the players' collective ballot, given that this is the best 1-2 combination in the league."

Von Miller also made a bit of a jump in Barnwell's rankings, moving from No. 33 in NFLN's list to 15.

To see Barnwell's rankings and description for each player's ranking, head over to Grantland for the list.

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