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Scouting Combine Quick Hits: Day Two

INDIANAPOLIS –See below for Broncos-related quick hits from day two of the 2014 NFL Combine.

Fresno State WR Isiah Burse

On WR Wes Welker"I'm projected as a slot dude. I like Wes Welker's game in there – how he gets separation. He gets separation in there and has a knack for getting open. He knows how to get open. He finds a way all the time."

On possibly playing with Welker"I've thought about (laughing). I would definitely – if the Broncos decided to call my phone and draft me, whatever the case may be, definitely as soon as I get there – Welker, man, pick his brain. Instantly, the moment I touch down. Obviously get in the playbook and just learn from him. Become a human sponge and soak in the knowledge he has and how he's been so successful and what I have to do to be successful so when my number is called I can do what he does."

Wisconsin RB James White

On former teammate Montee Ball"Definitely. He's a guy I keep in contact with. He's helped me with this process. He's kind of let me know how it is going to be."

On what Ball told him about the combine"It's a long process, very time consuming, but stay focused on the task at hand and go out and compete against the best guy."

South Carolina WR Bruce Ellington

On how his basketball skills translate to the NFL like they have for Julius Thomas, Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates
"Even though I'm short, I'm going to go and get a rebound. That's just like going to get the ball, like going up to get a catch. Being in shape, conditioning – football and basketball drills I think are the same thing. You just have to be athletic and competitive."

On differences between himself and other basketball players turned NFL players Julius Thomas"There are a lot of guys like that – they're bigger than me. But I'm trying to make a name for myself."

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