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Sacco Sez: A look back at memories from Super Bowl XXXIII


Last week I wrote about some endearing moments and memories of our first Super Bowl victory.

Like eating peanuts, it is hard to stop at just one.

Very few franchises have ever won consecutive Super Bowls, and by being one of the few, the Denver Broncos created forever memories in the minds of Broncos Country.

Before we won the first, I was advancing our "Monday Night Football" game at San Francisco and stopped to briefly grab some Chinese food before my next appointment.

As is custom, there was a fortune cookie at the end. Mine read, "Something good is coming your way."

For some reason, I saved it and taped it in my notepad.

As we prepared to face San Francisco, I never would have dreamed that we would lose, nor that we would not lose again for almost an entire calendar year.

So let's see what happened in that time:

We won Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego. Terrell Davis was the MVP in his hometown. We had a victory parade so large that its attendance could only be guessed.

And, yes, we won all of our games until almost exactly one year later, when we lost to the Giants in New York.

The Broncos were really, really good that year.

Davis ran for over 2,000 yards in 1998 and was named NFL MVP, adding to his future Hall of Fame resume. Kicker Jason Elam tied the NFL record for the longest field goal with a 63-yarder at home against Jacksonville. The Broncos rolled past Miami in the Division Round playoff game. The Broncos overcame a scoreless first half to whack the New York Jets in the title game.

There is always an upset along the way; I figured it would not be us — and it was not, as Atlanta defeated the powerful Vikings in the NFC title game.

We opened as 8.5-point favorites (though that number would drop slightly) and never looked back.

The Falcons were determined to stop our vaunted running game and make John Elway beat Atlanta.

Say what?

Elway had a great game, of course, and was named the MVP. After his postgame press conference, I delivered a line that I had been waiting for.

As he stepped down from the podium I said, "John, I have been waiting 16 years to tell you this. You have a press conference tomorrow morning at 8:30 as the Super Bowl MVP.

"And, you have to decide which car you want!"

Elway, whose name was on more than a dozen car dealerships at the time, laughed and said, "I get a car? Tell them I will decide later."

And off he went to celebrate the night away with his teammates in Miami.

We had a great party, made it to the press conference, and John was the NFL's conquering hero, having etched his name in the record books as a back-to-back world champion quarterback.

Then we flew back to Denver and had yet another fabulous parade.

I got back to work with the first task being our highlight film. I had already decided the title: "Back 2 Back."

A couple of weeks later, I was chatting with Pat Bowlen in his office and mentioned that title to him.

"I really like that — 'Back 2 Back,' Pat said. "I have been trying to think of something unique to put on our ring. I think I'll use that!"

You're welcome, Mr. B.

I think of that brief exchange every time I look at my ring.

Those were the greatest memories with the greatest owner and teammates ever.

Here's hoping Broncos Country has more of the same in the future.

Flip through Broncos history with photos from our photo archive of the Broncos' Super Bowl XXXIII win over the Falcons in John Elway's final game leading the Broncos at quarterback.

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