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Remembering Alan Cass, the Broncos PA announcer who coined 'In-com-plete' chant


Alan Cass, the former Broncos public-address announcer who coined the famous "IN-COM-PLETE" chant, died Wednesday at the age of 77.

From Mile High Stadium to Invesco Field at Mile High, Cass called games for the team for 20 years. His final season announcing for the Broncos came in 2007. He also announced University of Colorado football games since 1965 and CU basketball games since 1982 before retiring in 2011.

Jim Saccomano, the Broncos' former vice president of public relations who hired Cass, said he was always struck by Cass' style and professionalism calling games.

"He had a style all his own and it was not at all like today," Saccomano said. "... Alan did not have an ounce of emotion in his voice. He was very specific and didn't make many mistakes. I thought he was the best public-address announcer in Colorado history."

Cass' voice provided a standard for PA announcing at Broncos games, and his cadence sparked a longstanding Broncos tradition.

"It was Alan who began the 'IN-COM-PLETE' chant," Saccomano said. "Alan was just so specific in his choice of words. It was a game against the Kansas City Chiefs and Steve Bono was their quarterback. I wouldn't say he was having a bad day. He was having the kind of day that teams had in Denver against John Elway; they get beat. The Chiefs were losing and the further behind they got, the more they passed. And Alan was saying, of course, 'That pass by Bono was incomplete.' And there was such a rhythm to it that eventually in the third quarter the crowd just picked it up."

Decades later, it's hard to imagine Broncos games without hearing the crowd say, in unison, "IN-COM-PLETE!"

After Cass' 2007 retirement, the Broncos hired Alan Roach in 2008 and Connor McGahey in 2016 to call the games inside the stadium. Each has followed in Cass' footsteps to keep one of the Broncos' longest traditions going strong.

"The history of Broncos Country and the legend of the Mile High home-field advantage would be IN-COM-PLETE without the iconic voice of Alan Cass," Roach said. "I was honored then to learn from him and sad now to hear of his passing."

There may be few voices longtime fans associate more with Broncos games than Alan Cass, and for good reason. For as long as the "IN-COM-PLETE" chant remains at Broncos games, Cass' legacy will endure.

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