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Rehab complete, resurgence next up for Norwood


DENVER —** If Jordan Norwood wanted to see the path to recover from a torn ACL, he didn't need to look outside of his locker room with Chris Harris Jr. and Von Miller returning quickly and successfully from ACL injuries of their own. Harris Jr.'s return was particularly notable for the quickness of the rehab and the elite level he reached, with a return to the field about 6.5 months since his injury.

However, Norwood's rehabilitation may set the new benchmark for a speedy return.

At five and a half months, Norwood's rehab period is finished, he said, and he's preparing to get back into training and building his body back up.

"I'm finished with the rehab so technically I'm all healthy but there's a little more athleticism that needs to come back and agility," he said. "I would say I'm about 80 percent and should be ready for OTAs and minicamp and everything."

His offseason this far has been far from uneventful, even outside of his rehab. The wide receiver got engaged in December and he and his fiancé have been doing wedding preparations. Also a talented photographer, Norwood has continued to do some ork in that department in his free time.

Though he admitted such a quick turnaround can be a bit scary, Norwood knows his body will respond increasingly well as he gets more of a base under him now that rehab is complete. And with that in mind, he's just excited to get back on the field.

"I just want to play football again," he said. "I'm not sure what that looks like going forward, but I know I'm going to take it one day at a time, interact with the new coaching staff when I get a chance to do that and if there's a place for me in 2015."

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