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Q&A with Wes Welker


From Chris Harris' first sack of the season to C.J. Anderson's three touchdowns, check out the shots of the game from Sunday's win over the Bills.

What did breaking the record for most receptions by an undrafted player mean to you? **

"It was definitely a very cool deal. Obviously you have to do a lot of things right and stay healthy and a lot of different things like that and play a long time to get a record like that. To be in the same category as Rod Smith, he was such a great player he was a guy I looked up to growing up and everything like that, it was a really special moment."

Was Smith someone you admired growing up?

"For sure, I was actually surprised when I heard that he was undrafted just because he was such a great player all these years in Denver."

What similarities do you see between you two?

"Durability and things like that. Obviously he played an outside receiver spot out there so it's a little bit different, different body types. But I'd say route running, he was always a great route running, watching him and everything like that. He was always getting guys on double moves and little things like that and making a lot of plays out there."

Would your 22-year-old, undrafted self ever believe you would make it this far?

"Not at all, not at all. I just took it one day at a time and go out there and try and do my job and really just try and prove myself on that day that I could play in this league and just try and give myself a chance to make a team that year and just taking it one year at a time, one day at a time and just continually getting better."

What do you do to help out the undrafted rookies on the team?

"I just try to put a little bit of knowledge on them and things like that. I know your first few years in the league are the hardest and you have to work the hardest. You have to sacrifice a lot and give up a lot of things that the older guys are doing and everything like that and really stick to your craft and really learn the game and understand it. Then you can start to enjoy it a little more and be able to enjoy being a pro and start those good habits early that really carry through."

This is your second year in Denver, how has your role on the team changed?

"I don't think too much. I feel like it's just to go out there and try and do my job and do it to the best of my ability and try to make plays when I get my opportunities and try to help us move the ball downfield and score touchdowns."

This offense is very complicated, are you still learning or do you have it down?

"I'm learning something new every day. That's what it's all about, coming out here and being receptive to that and not being stuck in your own ways or anything like that, really just trying to take the coaching and really find a common ground of we want to do it like this or that and really talking through things and making sure we're on the same page. I'm learning something every day."

What is it like working with such a talented receiving corps?

"We've got a great group and a lot of really good, skilled players and a lot of guys that are really in their prime right now and doing a great job for us. I just go out there and try and do my job and try to make plays when I can and do everything I can to help out on clear routes or trying to talk about routes with different guys or whatever we're doing and making sure we're all on the same page and going out there and helping our team win."

After the Chargers game, Peyton Manning credited you for making big plays in key situations, especially on third down. How do you become that consistent player in those situations?

"I think I've made a living off that throughout my career. A lot of it's just a mindset. In my mind it's just going out there knowing I'm going to get this first down and make sure we secure this win or it's a big play in the game or whatever it is and really just get my mind ready for that and knowing in key situations I'm going to come through for us."

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