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Q&A with Safety Rahim Moore


The last time you played in a regular season game, you ended up in the emergency room a few hours later. What was it like walking out on that field? **

"I felt reborn again. God is so good. He rebuilt me and he restored me so but the main thing: I was just happy to dress, happy just to shake hands with the guys and be able to get some hugs from them. That was the most impressive thing for me and I'm just thankful that we won and that I helped us win. There were times that I was out and I didn't get to help us win and that's not a good feeling. I'm just happy to be back out there with my teammates and just be able to make this organization better."

Was there ever a time during his rehabilitation when you questioned whether you would be able to play again?

"Yes. My mom was helping me up, get up the stairs and stuff like that. It was just tough for me for like a week straight, a week and a half straight, I had to sleep with my leg elevated. I was very uncomfortable. I couldn't bathe how I wanted to bathe. Through all my antibiotics I was taking I caught thrush, so then my gums and stuff were sore, it was hard for me to brush my teeth and floss. I'm a big flosser and it was hard because my gums were sore so I couldn't eat as much, I went like four days without eating. Literally I couldn't eat a grape. I was trying to drink some coconut water, but it was too cold for my teeth because they were so sensitive. There were so many things that I went through but it was all worth it because I love football. My love for football then was at 100 percent and now it's at 126 percent. I just thank God that I'm back and that I'm able to be back here with my coaches and my teammates."

Take a look at photos of Rahim Moore from this season.

To go from barely being able to walk to playing on Sunday night- Does it amaze you how far you've come?

"It's amazing. It just showed me how God can heal you and if you stay positive and keep Him first and work hard, anything can happen. Hope is a great thing and that's what I was hoping for, just to be back out there one day so I'm blessed and I'm looking forward to just doing all I can to help this team win."

What was your rehabilitation like?

"A lot of single leg reps- squats, lunges. I started a lot of hills, backpedaling up the hills, like 40-yard hills. A lot of pool work, sand work, six in the morning. Sometimes I would do two-a-days in the sand, tons of jump roping. Five minutes a day jump roping, which I'm still doing today, eating right. First and foremost, the main thing that really helped me out was prayer. That really helped me out. God restored me and also Greek [Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos] and our trainers did a fantastic job of getting me back and our weight room guys did a good job getting me back fit so I never lost it, but to me I felt like a lost it. I lost a lot of weight."

You had two picks during your first game back- was that a nice way to come back?

"I was excited but I was a little disappointed in some plays that I messed up on some things that I messed up on that I have to get out of my system, that has to be fixed for this team. I was excited to help the team get turnovers but at the end of the day, I walked home a little disappointed in some plays that I felt that I just didn't want to put that on tape. I'll fix it."

Was it an emotional return?

"Yeah, I was surprised how calm I was, how comfortable I was but when you prepare, I was preparing back in the offseason. Watching them when I couldn't play, so I was studying them throughout the whole offseason, studied the Chiefs throughout the whole offseason so I was just studying, that's all I did so I felt more comfortable and also our game plan by [Defensive Coordinator Jack] Del Rio was great and our guys played great. Our D-line, linebackers, secondary so we put in a great team effort last weekend so hopefully we can do it again this week."

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