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Power rankings roundup, Week 9

After a third consecutive loss, the Broncos' average ranking fell slightly from about 17th overall to 19th.

Current rank: No. 17
Last week: No. 17

The Broncos' defense is feared, but no one fears their offense right now. Trevor Siemian has thrown three touchdowns and eight interceptions over the past five weeks, with Denver going 1-4 in those games. The only thing scarier than his poor performance? His backup is currently Brock Osweiler.

Bleacher Report, Chris Simms

Current rank: No. 16
Last week: No. 12

If the Broncos don't figure out how to fix their problems quickly, their season is going to slip away.

Sports Illustrated/The MMQB

Current rank: No. 17
Last week: No. 18

USA Today

Current rank: No. 19
Last week: No. 18

With six interceptions in Denver's current three-game losing streak, how much more rope does QB Trevor Siemian have before he gets yanked?

Yahoo! Sports, Frank Schwab

Current rank: 20
Last week: 17

Take note of this quote from cornerback Chris Harris, via Nick Kosmider of the Denver Post: "It's hard to win when you don't score points." It has to be frustrating for this world-class defense to see a season slipping away. The Broncos' next step is probably benching quarterback Trevor Siemian, but I'm not sure that fixes everything.

Washington Post, Mark Maske

Current rank: No. 25
Last week: No. 20

Trevor Siemian is not the answer at QB and the season is slipping away from the Broncos., Elliot Harrison

Current rank: No. 21
Last week: No. 21

No team looked as different from September to October. All the (negative) attention centers around Trevor Siemian, who looks nothing like the quarterback he was the first two games of the season. His three interceptions hurt on Monday night. But he didn't lose a fumble (like two of his teammates). Nor is he playing right tackle. Nor did he drop a sure touchdown pass. The defense is the only part of Vance Joseph's outfit that is playing above board. I'm all for do-it-yourselfers, but Von Miller and friends can't do it by themselves. That group looked outstanding most of the night, minus a few offside penalties. Not as outstanding: watching Jamaal Charles fumble early, giving the Chiefs the first points of the game on a scoop-and-score. Not after the fantastic career he built in Kansas City. Classy, great player.

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