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Power rankings roundup, Week 8

Two consecutive losses have pushed the Broncos to a .500 record for the first time since Oct. 15, 2012, and that standing is reflected in many power rankings. Denver fell from an average ranking of 10th to 17th.

Current rank: No. 17
Last week: No. 8

The Broncos have lost three of their past four games, with Trevor Siemian throwing two touchdowns (and five interceptions) over that stretch. The offense hasn't mustered more than 16 points in the past four contests, and Denver's chances of winning the division have dropped below 6 percent, as a result.

Bleacher Report, Chris Simms

Current rank: No. 12
Last week: No. 7

Denver could be a Super Bowl-caliber team. All the Broncos need to do is trust the defense and stay conservative on offense. Yet the offense keeps making things competitive with its miscues.

Sports Illustrated/The MMQB

Current rank: No. 18
Last week: No. 13

The Denver Broncos (13th to 18th) continue to plummet as their running game disappears and Trevor Siemian reminds us that he's not going to carry an offense[.]

USA Today

Current rank: No. 18
Last week: No. 15

If you thought a 21-0 road loss to the Bolts was ugly, just wait. Next up is a trip to Kansas City ... followed by a visit to Philadelphia.

Yahoo! Sports, Frank Schwab

Current rank: 17
Last week: 10

The key player for any Broncos offensive turnaround is probably Demaryius Thomas. He had a big game against the Giants, but sandwiched between that was a one-catch, 11-yard game against the Raiders and a two-catch, nine-yard game against the Chargers. The coaches have to get him the ball and Thomas has to produce more. Thomas is a true No. 1 receiver and the Broncos can't allow him to disappear for full games like they have.

Washington Post, Mark Maske

Current rank: No. 20
Last week: No. 9

Opposing defenses have decided to take away the running game and force Broncos QB Trevor Siemian to try to beat them. He can't do it., Elliot Harrison

Current rank: No. 21
Last week: No. 13

Not much to glean from Sunday's game against the Chargers. Well, other than the fact that the Broncos actually managed to do worse than they did in their 20-3 debacle versus the Giants in Week 6. How about getting blanked 21-zip by the Bolts? Shocking. The theory was that Denver overlooked New York. The Broncos must have not even heard of the Chargers. (That's OK; half of L.A. hasn't, either.) The last time Denver got shut out was way back in 1992. That game was also in L.A. Rookie Tommy Maddox started in place of John Elway. Wonder what the former QB thinks of his current offense from the G.M.'s seat., Andrew Mason

Current rank: No. 14
Last week: No. 7

After two weeks, the Broncos ranked fifth in net points per possession and sixth in first downs per series. They now sit 23rd and 20th in both categories, respectively, and they have just one touchdown in their last 11 quarters of play. Defense is keeping the Broncos alive. On that side of the ball, they are as dominant as ever, leading the league in fewest yards allowed on a per-game and per-possession basis. They also rank second in yards allowed per play, trailing only the Steelers.


Take a frame-by-frame look at the sack that moved Von Miller into the No. 2 spot in career sacks in Broncos history. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)


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