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Player Q&A: WR Cody Latimer

Fourth-year wide receiver Cody Latimer has made a big impact for the Broncos since his return from a midseason injury. As Head Coach Vance Joseph said not long ago, "I've been impressed with Cody, because he's done more for us, in terms of playing [special] teams as a core player and also being one of our best receivers." We caught up with the Indiana University product, who has already notched his best season and is looking for even more.

Aric DiLalla: You scored your second career touchdown against Oakland after a lengthy gap between scores. What was that like to get back in the end zone?


Cody Latimer: **It was great. It felt good. Like you said, it had been awhile, but it felt great to get back in. I wish it would've been sooner in the game and for it to be a real game-changer, but it came at the right time. We had a chance to come back and win the game. It wasn't the result we wanted, but I'm happy to get a touchdown.

AD: You've missed some games, but statistically, it's already the best season that you've had as a pro. What's been working well for you lately?

CL:It's just the opportunity. I'm finally getting an opportunity to go out there and showcase what I can do. That's all I was waiting for, and I got the chance, and I'm not looking back.

AD: These are meaningful snaps for you, despite what the team's record may be. What can you do to make the most of them?

CL: I just need to keep making plays. I've missed a lot of games, and I've had the opportunity to start playing in the slot position, so I just need to keep taking it one game at a time and make plays whenever my number is called on. It's been a long time coming. I've been waiting and been being patient, but it feels good to get some game action, get these catches and these plays I'm making. I've got to continue to make them, because it's a contract year for me.

AD: What's the biggest thing you think you need to show or improve on?

CL:Improve on? I think, with my route running —because I'm doing a lot of [special] teams [in addition] to offense — when I get tired I need to keep my route running consistent.

AD: Indiana and Purdue played the Old Oaken Bucket game a few weeks ago. Obviously not the result you were looking for, but what was it like to see that game have higher stakes than it's had in a while?

CL:It just shows the culture they have there that Coach Tom Allen has brought to Indiana. They've been in a ton of close games; we've just got to work on finishing. I'm proud of those boys. You can see the change in the program. It's a turnaround.

AD: I'm assuming you've been to Assembly Hall for an IU basketball game?

CL:Oh, yeah. Plenty.

AD: How would you explain the atmosphere there, and where does it rank among other arenas?

CL:Indiana has always been known for their basketball. They've always been good. Especially when I was there. They had [Victor] Oladipo, they were in the Big Ten championship with Oladipo, [Cody] Zeller, Christian Watford. I remember the game-winner against Kentucky. I was there my freshman year. It was exciting. It's just the culture that they have there and the fans that are there. The students that come to the game make it the best place to be. I went there after I left IU, and it was still crazy. There was a lot of love being shown. I think it's No. 1.

AD: What do you think about their new head coach, Archie Miller?

CL: It's funny, he coached where I'm from. He coached at UD [University of Dayton]. I never got to meet him, but I was a basketball player growing up, so I wish I would've at UD. I went to a lot of their games. So there's kind of a connection there — him coaching at UD and me being from Dayton. Hopefully I get to meet him one day when I go back to IU.

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