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Player Q&A: Royce Freeman's outlook on 2019 and his legacy at Oregon

In Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay, the Broncos have a pair of running backs that can lead their team for years to come. While Lindsay may have more speed and quickness, Freeman has a combination of agility, power and speed that makes him a dynamic back that defenses can't overlook either. We caught up with Freeman to talk about his outlook for 2019, why he loves playing with Lindsay and how proud he is of the legacy he left at the University of Oregon.

What's your outlook for the season? What makes you feel positive going forward about the team's future this year?

"Just taking it game by game, just the work that our team has put in. Some of the guys that are returning and some of the new faces, the camaraderie we have and just the will to win. [We have] a level of football that I know we're capable of playing."

Since you and Phillip Lindsay started your careers in the same season, you two have a chance to play together for a long time. What do you like about playing with him and being able to bounce styles of play off of each other?

"I played against him in college too. That's crazy: I've played with him and against him. Just seeing the way he runs the football, as a running back and even as a football player, we always learn from other players. And to have somebody with that type of talent in your own running back room, I think it's more accessible. I get more film on him and I can see things maybe I want to add to my game as well."

Your time at Oregon was really storied. You left with a lot of school records and a few Pac-12 records. What do you want your legacy to be?

"That college [experience] is a journey, as well. It's a lot of growth, not just on the field but off the field as a person. Once you're out there, you find yourself and you just take it day by day. You can't start looking down the road, especially in college. Like I said, it's a journey that once you start enjoying yourself and your experiences, just the college atmosphere and being able to play in Autzen [Stadium] and that type of fan base, I think that's something that you'll never regret and an experience that will be with you for a while."

Oregon running back Royce Freeman, selected by the Broncos with the 71st-overall pick, had a standout career with the Ducks.

What does it mean to you to know that your name will be at the top of those record books for years to come?

"It's crazy. I mean, it's not something I aimed to do. I just always tried to be the best Royce I can be. I never tried to go for records or anything like that. I always believed that if I played hard, at the end of the day, it'll take care of itself. I think it's an extreme blessing that at the end of the day I can be even mentioned with those great names. Oregon's had a history of great backs, and just to be involved with something like that is definitely a blessing."

Outside of the Ducks' home at Autzen, did you have a favorite college stadium to play at?

"Not really a favorite away stadium. I think it was cool and very interesting when we played at Washington State a couple times. That was an interesting environment. It was hard to get a win there. We had a lot of close games. They definitely get rowdy out there and playing them, it was interesting."

Coming into the NFL, your offseason is busy. You prepare for the Combine and the Draft and then go straight into an NFL training program. After your first NFL season, were you able to do anything you wanted with some more time off?

"I was able to go to Hawaii. Me and my girlfriend were able to go to Hawaii and enjoy the time out there. I haven't traveled a lot, but that was great to see, great to experience just have some downtime aside from football."

Do you have a favorite game from the college or pros that you've been a part of?

"Honestly, I just enjoy them all, to be honest. In college, there were so many close calls and so many games that were memorable, from playing Michigan State to playing Ohio State, those types of teams, that caliber. I think college was those types of games, playing those teams that you normally don't play. Teams like that Ohio State team was so phenomenal with so many talented players. Those are experiences that I remember, because it's playing against that caliber of talent that you always want to do as a competitor."

Are you a Netflix kind of person? What are you watching these days?

"Just whatever's on there. They have a lot of new releases coming out on Netflix. They have a series of new releases, so I've kind of just been watching that right now. But besides that, I'm catching up on 'Power.'"

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