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Player Q&A: K'Waun Williams reflects on joining the Broncos' secondary, playing with Russell Wilson


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Broncos made one of the biggest moves in franchise history by acquiring Russell Wilson in the offseason, but General Manager George Paton added several other players who could have a significant impact this year. One of those signings was veteran cornerback K'Waun Williams, who joins the Broncos after playing in Cleveland and San Francisco. Williams has seen it all in his eight years in the NFL, including a Super Bowl appearance — and he plans to return there with the Broncos. We caught up with Williams during training camp to see how he's jelling with the secondary, what it's like playing with Wilson and more.

Coming from the 49ers in free agency, what appealed to you about this Broncos defense?

"Just the excitement, all the veterans that we've got on the team. Justin [Simmons], 'K Jack' [Kareem Jackson], 'Darb' [Ronald Darby], even Pat [Surtain II], all those guys. I was excited just to be able to join them."

What are your first impressions of this secondary after working with them in the offseason?

"It's been great. All the guys, we get together, competing at a high level, and [we're] just communicating and getting on the same page. It's been fun."

You've had a lot of experience in the league. What advice have you given to some of the younger defensive backs?

"Just stay focused and master your craft every day. Just find one thing and master it. [I've given advice to] most of the guys that I work with in the nickelback room, like [Ja'Quan McMillian], Essang [Bassey], all those guys. We're competing but I still give them knowledge, and we just go back and forth with it."

What do you like about Coach [Nathaniel] Hackett and this coaching staff?

"They're experienced. I played against [Hackett] when I was in San Fran and he was in Green Bay as a coordinator, so just being able to know his offense and know what they bring to the table is exciting. It's one of the reasons why I joined. [He brings] big energy, he's always excited, he's always energized and ready to work. It's good for us."


Playing with a quarterback like Russell Wilson, how does having a play-maker like that help you on the defensive side?

"You just know you've always got a shot in the game if it boils down to it. He can get it done in the end. As the defense, we've just got to go out and shut [them] out, and do our thing."

The AFC West is a tough division this year, and every team has some very talented pass catchers. What's the game plan for covering some of these top receivers?

"Just being focused, and just grinding. Mastering my keys and mastering my assignment, focusing with our group and being on the same page. Everything will take care of itself."

You played in the Super Bowl in 2019. What'll it take to get back there with this team?

"Work. That's all it takes, it takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of guys coming together [and] being selfless. … [We have] one goal in mind, and that's to win it. It's definitely a reality for this group."

Cleveland and San Francisco are both big football towns, but what do you think it'll be like playing in front of Broncos Country?

"I'm excited. I haven't experienced it, but I am excited about it. I see the crowd coming out at practices, so I'm pretty excited for the games."

Do you have any hobbies away from the football field?

"I'm a chill guy. I'd probably watch some soccer. I watch the Premier League, a little bit of [MLS] and stuff like that, so I keep in touch with that kind of stuff."

Are you going to attend any Rapids games while you're here?

"Sure, I mean, give me a ticket, I'm in there."

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