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Player Q&A: Cody Latimer

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The Broncos moved up in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft to take receiver Cody Latimer out of Indiana with the 57th overall pick. The rookie receiver has been an electric addition to the team ever since he showed up at Dove Valley in a rather appropriate outfit. He offered a few thoughts on his NFL experience thus far.

Take me back to that moment when you got drafted. You knew it was coming, but the actual moment – What was that like?
"I mean it was a long journey up to the draft. But when it happened, it was very exciting. Just sitting in that green room – it was worth the wait. I sat there for two days, but it was worth the wait. Getting the call from Mr. Elway and Coach Fox, it was amazing just knowing I get to play with the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of quarterbacks, of all time you know. Just knowing we had a good offense, an up-tempo offense which I'm used to, and loaded up on defense. I was just happy I was put in a good place on a good team to help me grow as a player."

Did you have any inkling of where you might be drafted?
"Everybody had their idea, thinking you're going here, but you never know. I didn't guess. You never know until draft day."

You showed up at Dove Valley straight from the draft in a bright orange outfit. That was your senior prom outfit from high school?

"The orange one I wore here? I believe it was my senior prom, yeah. Just had it in the closet and happened to pack it before the draft just in case of day two, if I ended up being there, I never knew. But I ended up going casual to the draft and luckily had that. I'm picked by the Broncos, orange and blue, and it was like 'Wow it worked out perfectly.' It was like it was meant to be."

What was it like meeting John Fox and John Elway for the first time and you're wearing that outfit?
"It was good. First impressions are the best and they said it too, 'It must be meant to be.' I guess you know, first impressions are always good, and knowing I was in their colors. Like I said, it was meant to be."

You and Bradley Roby both came from the Big Ten and have had some battles in camp. What's that been like?
"It's going good. He's a great cornerback. He's learning, I'm learning and we're just out here playing fast and just trying to make a name. Help this team the best way we can."

How does a play come together like your one-handed touchdown from Brock Osweiler in practice last week?
"QB and me, timing. It was great ball placement by Brock and he just put it where it needed to be and I just had to make a play on it. As a receiver, that's my job is to go make your quarterback look good."

Does that play stand out as far as plays you've made in practice?
"I mean I guess, but that's in the past you know. Every day is a new day so you have to consistently do that and make big plays."

What's been the biggest challenge for you so far in the transition to the NFL?
"Learning this offense. We have a complicated, crazy offense that has a lot of checks and different calls and things. So just catching on to the offense. I've been doing a good job of that lately, so it's allowed me to play faster but I've still got a lot of learning and growing to do."

Now that you've been able to get out on the field for an actual game-day experience, what was that first game like?
"It was great you know. Great fan base, great showing, due to the weather. Defense played great, offense did a good job. It was a stepping stone, my first game. Got all the rust out of the way and I'm ready to attack game two."

With all the weapons on this offense, where do you see yourself fitting in during the season?
"I mean wherever they put me. Like you said, we've got a lot of weapons. In our offense, we rotate guys, so whenever I get the call, I just have to come out and answer it. That's what I'm hoping, to go out there, play fast, play physical. When the ball comes my way, I've just got to make a play, big play. I've got to do something with it."

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