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Okung, Broncos to host Tackle STEM Colorado All Stars Hackathon

Broncos Community Building = Outreach Opportunity

Since arriving in Denver, I have been impressed by the incredible outreach done by people working behind the scenes at the Broncos. Everyone here believes in building community, and it shows in so much of the community programs and opportunities provided to connect with people in the city we wouldn't interact with normally.

This weekend, in conjunction with SendGrid and FullContact, both locally-based Tech companies, the Broncos will host the Tackle STEM Colorado All Stars Hackathon. Any Colorado college, university or code school student that is interested in STEM as a hobby or career is welcome. It's a chance to try out new technologies, be creative, have fun, and get connected with a like-minded community of people.

For people not familiar with a hackathon, it's like a race-against-the-clock science fair, or a popup show-and-tell where you have to build what you're going to show. You don't have to be a software developer or an experienced hacker to participate, and hackers don't need to have an idea or a team upon arrival. Just show up, and the event team will do the rest - providing mentors, hardware, and some software to assist in your innovative project. It's no secret by now how much of a tech geek I am. Last year, I started The GREATER Foundation, where we focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology in underserved areas to transform today's workforce into one of equality, inclusivity, and innovation. It has been incredible working to provide opportunity, education, and access to communities that may not see it otherwise. There's an entire team of people here at the Broncos working toward that goal in Denver, so come out to the Hackathon this weekend, and show us your ideas. I'm looking forward to being a judge -- Show me what you can do!

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