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No Shortage of Activity at Training Camp

The first weekend of training camp always gives one pause to reconsider, in my case for the 36th time, how quickly camp envelops everything around it.

You really cannot tell what day it is, almost from the moment camp begins.

I have some television stuff to do this weekend, so here I sit in a jacket and tie, while at the same time dozens of others are in coaching shorts and t—shirts—each person doing his assigned job.

Camp grabs you and does not let go.

What you have to do is hold on real tight and ride it to conclusion.

Just a given weekend day brought visits from Ring of Famer Rod Smith, 2013 Ring of Fame inductee Tom Nalen — who has lost a lot of weight and who rode his bicycle to camp - Charley Casserly of the NFL Network, and John Lynch the great Broncos and Buccaneers safety who will be doing the color on our preseason telecast this year.

Mike Bonner, who recently joined the Broncos and is in charge of programming our huge new scoreboard — Mike joined us from the New York Yankees, where he produced their board for many years — also was here again today, his third straight day in a dress shirt and tie — I notice these things — doing player featurette interviews for our new scoreboard.

No matter where one looks, there is activity.

When it starts, it starts hard and does not let up.

And as an example of how fast it all happens, most fans will tune in for that first preseason game.

This year we open at San Francisco vs. the 49ers on a Thursday night, which means we are less than two weeks away from the actual kickoff to the 2013 preseason.

Grab a roster — I guess the 2013 terminology would be for me to suggest you download a roster from our web site — and start to learn the names and numbers.

The season is here!

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