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Mason's Mailbag: What do teams get out of the Combine?

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Always, always, always, the tape is more important.

You're trying to do three things at the Combine.

1) Through interviews, get a feel for the player's character and football I.Q.

2) Learn all you can from the comprehensive medical checkups about injury history and determine if there are any concerns that force a change in grade or take a prospect in question off the board entirely.

3) Watch the workouts with a focus on seeing that players reach the baseline for their respective positions/skill sets. For example: Does an offensive tackle have arms that are shorter than the baseline for his position, perhaps forcing him to be considered more as a guard?


Could you see the Broncos picking up a veteran WR such as Alshon Jeffrey or the newly released Brandon Marshall? If these guys are serious about winning and not going for the large contract. I believe that if they are serious about playing for a contender I believe that adding one of these would fit perfectly and add that third WR we have been needing.**

-- Ethan Stanton

A No. 3 wide receiver would not be a surprise, but I highly doubt it would be Alshon Jeffrey, because he's going to get No. 1 receiver money on the market and the Broncos can't approach that -- and shouldn't, given their other needs. With Jeffrey and others of his ilk, you also have to consider the role -- why would you go somewhere to be a No. 3 when you're clearly a No. 1 option? Further, you want the receiver to be a fit with the skill sets already on hand -- so you would want a receiver whose strengths don't match those of at least one or both of the current starters.

Do you think that the Broncos could use their four extra picks to trade for a left and right OT or would it cost more then that?

-- Jonathan Erickson

It depends on the quality of the offensive tackles acquired. But why trade the draft farm when you can accomplish the same thing in free agency?


I agree with you and Andy Lindahl on your podcast -- how come the media and Bronco fans don't give Trevor the respect he deserves? He played with a poor offensive line and a bum shoulder.**

-- Drew Norem

Because broad narratives and hot takes are easier than a more nuanced and reality-based approach that takes into account context, surrounding talent, the experience of the player, etc.

Why are they keeping the offensive line coach when he's had the worst line in the last few years?

-- Kyle Katz

You must be thinking of another team or a mirror-universe version of the Broncos, maybe the one in the parallel-universe episode of Star Trek where Mr. Spock has a goatee. This team has two new O-line coaches.


Would you think Luke Joeckel would be a perfect fit for left tackle?**

-- Chris Ashley

No, not considering how much he struggled at the position in Jacksonville. Guard is a better fit for him at this point, in my estimation.

Why not follow the Patriots formula of developing small quick tight ends or h-backs...that always run option routes to get open...Instead of of expecting these position players to be large and slow run blockers? I don't think Julian Edelman is that magnificent an athlete...why not copy this winning formula?

-- John Christensen

I think you're sort of overlooking the primary piston that makes the Patriots' offensive engine roar. Further, there is nothing "small" about tight ends who weigh 265 pounds (Rob Gronkowski) and 275 pounds (Martellus Bennett).

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