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Mason's Mailbag: Rule change eliminates unncessary play

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There was a conversion play after the touchdown attempted, but the Vikings opted to take a knee. This has happened before after walk-off touchdowns on the last play of regulation when the score was enough to decide the outcome.

One other example came in the 2015 season, when the Ravens defeated Cleveland on a game-ending blocked field-goal return. After the play, then-Baltimore backup quarterback Matt Schaub took a knee, leaving the final score at 33-27.

These useless snaps led the NFL to pass a rule last month eliminating the need for a conversion play -- whether for an extra point or for two points -- after game-ending touchdowns when the result of the conversion would not change who won and who lost.


With the Tennessee Titans being the latest of teams to undergo a uniform change in recent history, do you think the Broncos are due for a uniform upgrade? On average, we've updated them every 20 years, which is how long we've had our current uniforms.**

-- Alex Cheatham

This question continues to arise, so I'll answer it the same way as I answered it on Twitter this week: No changes to the uniform are in the works at this time. That doesn't mean the current uniform will remain the Broncos' primary look forever, obviously.

But the team has enjoyed a high level of success with the current overall look, whether it is with a blue or orange jersey as the primary one used. All three Broncos world championships have come with the current logo, helmet and general uniform design.


What is going on with the naming rights of the stadium? I feel that having a name will help with the identity and culture of the Denver Broncos.**

-- Tony Hoffman

"[There are] still conversations ongoing. I've been encouraged by some of the conversations," Broncos President/CEO Joe Ellis told Broncos TV's Phil Milani at the NFL Annual Meeting last month. "Some of the conversations involve tying in the development aspect [of the south parking lot area] to the naming rights. Some are stand-alone, just the name on the stadium, as well as some sponsorship elements."

One aspect of the negotiations is ensuring that the Broncos find a partner that offers stability, reducing the chances of a name change on the stadium before a contract expires.

"We have every intention of seeing it through and having a deal come to a closure here in the near future. I can't pinpoint a date," Ellis said, "but when it does happen, we look forward to having a good partner, a solid partner, that will be with us for many, many years."

With likely increased production at quarterback, does this provide more opportunity for Jordan Taylor (who I believe is underrated)?

-- Rich Lee

Potentially, but Taylor must first recover from two hip surgeries that are expected to sideline him until training camp. However, his first path to a solid spot on the roster remains on special teams.

A positive sign for Taylor came at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando in late March, when Head Coach Vance Joseph named him the first-team punt returner as the offseason began. Taylor's overall special-teams role expanded last year, and he should be a factor on multiple units as the Broncos look for new leaders in that phase of the team.


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